Road To The Rose Bowl: MSU One Shot at The Big One

JC AugustineCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

Remember the time when the Rose Bowl was the big game instead of the BCS Champs Bowl?  Well for some big ten faithfuls it still is.  MSU finally has a chance to go back to the Rose Bowl after a 20 year break.  With this season's record being 8-2 Michigan State only has two games left till post season.  If MSU keeps up it amazing performance you'll be likely to see me at the Rose Bowl.  MSU next game is against Purdue but with Purdue having their seasoning being 3-6 state should come out on top. 

So what's next for the Spartans after Purdue?  Oh it's just some little team called PENN STATE!  The Spartans would have their hands full to come out on top in this game but there is definitely hope.  Penn State offense is explosive to say the least but Mark Dantonio's trade mark is his defense and state has only lost games by one touch down or less for the last 2 years (not including Ohio State).  The Spartans also have one power house of an offense.  Javon Ringer having over 1400 yards and 18 touch downs and Brian Hoyer with 1875 yards.  And let us not forget Brett Swenson who scored 12 points kicking against Wisconsin.  So with only one last thing to say about State and their upcoming game against Purdue and the Rose Bowl looming over head remember "THIS IS SPARTA"!