WWE: 12 Instances in Which Creative Dropped the Ball on Zack Ryder

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WWE: 12 Instances in Which Creative Dropped the Ball on Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder

In the midst of all the madness coming out of this week's Monday Night Raw, it was most certainly one of the most exciting Raw broadcasts in a long, long time. Not only was it a night of surprises and returns, but also the biggest night in career of the young Zack Ryder.

Since February, Zack Ryder has single-handedly become one of the most beloved Superstars in the eyes of the IWC simply due to his innovate YouTube videos entitled "Z! True Long Island Story." In his 24 editions of the podcast, Ryder makes obscure references to his constant misuse of character, as well as hilarious comedy any WWE fan would enjoy.

With his popularity growing ever stronger, Ryder is finally being given the push of a lifetime, most recently his streak of victories on WWE Superstars as a prime example. This all came to its climax this past Monday, with new leader of the WWE, Triple H, granting Ryder his second-ever contest on Raw in 2011, pinning commentator Michael Cole in a matter of 30 seconds.

His reaction was simply awe-inspiring, as his tremendous hard work finally paid off, as he was cheered and chanted for at an above-average level this past Monday night. Now acting as a babyface, sky is the limit for the Long Island Iced Z.

However, one question still remains in my pondering mind: Why in the hell did WWE not pull the trigger sooner? If Ryder had started this "revolution," so to speak, at the peak of his career in ECW, he quite possibly could have won a handful of championships by now.

Here, I will bring these 12 instances to your attention and let you be the judge as to how Zack Ryder's talent should or could have been used instead over the past two years. I do realize I'm exactly the stereotype of an IWC mark with this article, complaining about something that should be positive, but look at it as a blast from the past and where flaws can be fixed.

On a side note, I do advise readers to keep any spoilers regarding Zack Ryder's new role on SmackDown to themselves as some of us, myself included, enjoy the element of surprise.

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