New England Patriots Acquire Ochocinco: What Does This Mean for the Pats?

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New England Patriots Acquire Ochocinco: What Does This Mean for the Pats?
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When the NFL Lockout came to an end, it meant one thing and one thing only: Football is back.

Since the announcement of the end of the NFL Lockout, free agents have been signing continuously, in hopes that with the season on it's way, they'll have somewhere to bring their talents. Other teams have made trades as well, in hopes of improvement before the season's start. One place, however, that was not seen as all that active was the most hated franchise in the NFL, the New England Patriots.

On the forefront, the Patriots seemed very quiet until earlier today when it was announced that the Patriots had acquired Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins, in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick in 2013. This move is considered questionable due to Haynesworth's ugly past, but some argue that New England didn't give up all that much to acquire him, in the first place.

However, Haynesworth is not the only player heading to New England as, Chad Ochocinco has been traded from the Bengals to New England in exchange for two draft picks; one this year and one next year. The widely renowned Ochocinco is best known for his six Pro Bowl appearances and seven 1,000 yard receiving seasons. On top of all that, he has always had the desire to win, which he will have an excellent chance to do in New England.

What's the best part of this deal? Ochocinco will be with New England in a new, reconstructed three-year pact. With the loss of two draft picks, New England did gain one of the top players in the game and added a new weapon to Tom Brady's arsenal.

How does this writer react to such a deal? I feel it was phenomenal. Ochocinco has had issues in the past, due to the fact he has wanted to be on a winning team, something he has struggled with in the past. When he's in the right environment, he has an explosive and enticing personality, which is good for the team and its fans.This is the change Chad needed, and an opportunity both the team and the player can capitalize on.

Sure, he's 33 years old, but there is no doubt he can still produce at a high level. With Tom Brady at the helm, this could be a very dominant duo, not Brady and Moss domination, but they could produce and work very well together. Motivation is a key factor to how well he plays and there is nowhere to be more motivated than a team with superstars such as Brady, Welker and company. We won't see the Chad Ochocinco of 2006, but we will see a productive and competitive weapon for Tom Brady on the offensive side.

Despite what some may think about this deal, there is no doubt this is a great addition for New England. The team looks very good and with Ochocinco, there is guaranteed excitement for the Patriots' fans to coincide with a promising future.

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