Kevin Kolb Trade Means Vince Young Is Perfect for Philadelphia Eagles

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2011

Vince Young is the perfect fit for Philly in 2011
Vince Young is the perfect fit for Philly in 2011Jeff Gross/Getty Images

As the Eagles finalize a Kevin Kolb trade, there will be a void to fill at backup quarterback.  While the Brett Favre rumors are fun, that is, in reality, a long shot.

So why not go after Vince Young?

Young has a lot of the qualities that would make for the perfect backup behind Michael Vick.  He is mobile, just like Vick, so the Eagles would not have to change their offense at all if Vick went down and Young came in.

He is a proven winner.  The guy won a national championship in college, and has a great record as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Also, he is still young and talented enough that if Andy Reid and the Eagles coaching staff can get something out of him, they may be in a similar position a year or two from now that they are in with Kolb.  They very well may have a backup QB everyone wants and they may be able to trade him for a high draft pick or a key player or both.

The only real downside to Young is the guy is a headcase.  He has had severe mental issues that have hindered him on the field.  If the Eagles were paying the guy a lot of money, that would be a huge concern.  However, the Eagles could sign Vince Young for about $1-2 million a season, maybe $3 million at the most.  At that price, what's the real risk?

You get a guy with a ton of upside and talent who is still young enough to resurrect his career.  The only real downside is the guy has some head issues that he has to work through.

Besides, look at the backup QB market.  If the Eagles don't get Young, who else is out there?  Billy Volek?  Matt Leinart?  Trent Edwards?  It is a very barren market and when you scroll through the names, there is only one that stands out.

That name is Vince Young.  He is the best quarterback left on the market and therefore, the Eagles should sign him.

What do they really have to lose?