WWE: Power Ranking the Top 10 Mic Workers of the PG Era

PS SinghCorrespondent IIIJuly 29, 2011

WWE: Power Ranking the Top 10 Mic Workers of the PG Era

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    Hey, Bleachers. My name is PS Singh and this article ranks the top ten mic workers of WWE's previous era, the 'PG Era,' which ran from 2008 until June 2011.

    Microphone skills are among the most important attributes that a WWE superstar must have, especially if he wants to become a main event attraction in WWE. There have been many great mic workers over the years, including Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, The Rock, Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan among others. The last Era in WWE, the 'PG Era,' has given us its fair share of great mic workers as well, and this article will rank the very best of them.

    Keep in mind that the respective wrestlers will be ranked based on their mic work in the 'PG Era' only.

    So without further ado, let's get started.

10. Dave Batista

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    We kick off the list with former WWE superstar, "The Animal," Batista. Batista's greatest promos and segments on the mic, in my opinion, came after he turned heel at Bragging Rights 2009.

    Before he turned heel, I always found Batista to be nothing more than the John Cena of Friday Night Smackdown. His character was basically one dimensional, his in-ring ability was average and other than his physical structure, I never really found anything impressive about Batista until his heel turn.

    After the heel turn, Batista's character and mic skills became 10 times better. He became a ruthless, destructive bad ass, who cared only about winning. As a heel, I found him to be much more comfortable and funny on the mic and much more entertaining. It's too bad. Dave left WWE, in May 2011, just when I was starting to like him.

9. Shawn Michaels

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    Some may be surprised to see Shawn Michaels so low on this list. However, most of his better promos took place before the 'PG Era.'

    Nevertheless, when the 'PG Era' started, Shawn Michaels was in the middle of an epic feud with Chris Jericho. It was one that gave us many great back and forth mic segments between both men. Also, Shawn gave some good promos during the build up for his match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26. He also delivered a few funny promos with Triple H in the 'PG Era' reincarnation of D-Generation X.

    These performances earn him the number 9 spot on this list.

8. Christian

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    Christian, the reigning World Heavyweight champion, grabs the No. 8 spot on this list. Ever since his return to WWE in February 2009, Christian has shown that his mic skills are still great. However, personally I have found his recent heel run lackluster when compared to some of his previous performances.

    In 2004, during his feud with Chris Jericho, Christian was pretty much the ideal heel. He played the part to perfection and the people loved to hate him. But now, while he still plays the part well, you get the feeling that the people don't want to hate him.

    Despite this, Christian's mic skills have remained top notch throughout the 'PG Era,' so he gets the No. 8 spot on this list.

7. Wade Barrett

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    He is the best mic worker currently on Smackdown, and he's certainly among the best in all of WWE. Wade Barrett is his name and he checks in at No. 7.

    Forget about Zack Ryder, Wade Barrett is without a doubt the most misused wrestler in WWE today. His in-ring ability is above average, but it's his incredible mic skills that really make this young star stand out.

    Ever since I saw Barrett cut the "Winds of Change" promo on the first season of NXT, many in the wrestling world realised he was naturally gifted on the stick. Barrett has since given us many great promos

    However,since Wrestlemania, I feel like he's lost direction. I thought he would win Money In The Bank and get his career back on track, but it was not meant to be. Still, with Barrett's mic skills, I expect his career to be back on track soon enough.

6. Triple H

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    Triple H would probably be higher on this list, but most of his best mic work came during the 'Attitude Era' and 'The Ruthless Aggression Era,' mostly due to 'PG Era' rules holding him back. However, his promos and feuds throughout the 'PG Era' have still been top notch.

    Triple H's best feud of this era would have to be his encounter with Randy Orton in 2009. Triple H has also retained his sense of humor (see video) and can pretty much play any part well. I think we can all look forward to many great promos by the new Chief Operations Officer of WWE in the near future.

5. The Miz

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    Say whatever you want about the Miz's wrestling skill or his drawing ability, but nobody can deny that Mike Mizanin knows his way around a promo.

    Ever since his Dirt Sheet days with John Morrison in ECW, The Miz has constantly been improving in the ring, but he has especially improved with the stick. His promos as the United States champion in 2009 were top notch (see video). They got even better when he became Mr. Money In The Bank and then WWE Champion.

    I'm not sure how he'll do when or if he eventually turns face, but as a heel, The Miz is awesome and definitely deserves to be No. 5 on this list.

4. Edge

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    Edge's retirement a few months ago was one that left all of us in shock. We realized that one of the greatest careers in WWE history had come to an end. But it also got some of us thinking about why Edge's career was so incredible.

    What was it about this guy that got so many off the same people to despise him and love him? Yes, his phenomenal in-ring ability had something to do with it, but it was Edge's charisma and mic skills that made him one of the all-time greats of professional wrestling.

    During the 'PG Era,' Edge obviously had to tone himself down a great deal, but his promos as a heel were still incredible. His promos as a face were not quite as good, but they were still good enough to make him the top face on Friday Night Smackdown.

    As for his ability to connect with fans, I ask you: How many people do you know that can get an arena full of people to go from booing him to cheering him in a matter of two minutes, by beating up a laptop? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfAg_VB6CoE

3. John Cena

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    Some helpful criticism in the comments below helped me realize that I have been a bit hard on Cena. After all, he was the face of the 'PG Era' and his mic skills were a big reason for that.

    Say whatever you want about John Cena's promos. A lot of them have been corny, he can be repetitive, but it doesn't change the fact that John Cena is a great mic worker. He has cut some good promos during the 'PG Era,' but it's really his consistency that gets him the No. 3 spot on this list.

    One of the main reasons that Cena has been the face of WWE during the entire 'PG Era' is because he cuts good or great promos week in and week out. Yes, I do find his poop jokes corny and lame, but they aren't for me or the International Wrestling Community. They're for the kids. Let the kids have their John Cena.

2. CM Punk

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    Seeing CM Punk occupy anywhere but the No. 1 position will cause some to cry, "THIS LIST SUCKS!!!"

    Relax everyone, there is a perfectly logical reason why CM Punk isn't tops on this list. While his promos have always been great and while he is undoubtedly the best mic worker in wrestling today, we hadn't seen his best work until he turned heel in 2009.

    His feud with Jeff Hardy in 2009 was amazing, but after that he was gravely misused and held back throughout 2010. Also, every promo he has cut since his infamous shoot five weeks ago, hasn't been part of the 'PG Era.' They have all been a part of the new era, 'The Reality Era.'

    CM Punk is amazing, but there is one man who has outdone him in the 'PG Era.'

1. Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho is the best in the world at what he does. The list recognises him as the greatest mic worker of WWE's 'PG Era.'

    From the beginning of the 'PG Era' in 2008 to his departure from WWE in 2010, Chris Jericho was unquestionably the best mic worker in WWE. His gimmick change from Y2J to "The best in the world at what he does" was perfect for the PG Era, which saw Jericho produce some of the best promos of his career. His feud with Shawn Michaels in 2008 was perhaps the best feud of the 'PG Era' and his feuds with John Cena, Batista, CM Punk and Edge were all great, due in large part Chris Jericho's amazing ability to talk.

    Although I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I don't know if Jericho will ever return to the WWE full time. However, I do know that if he does come back, it will be with a new gimmick. Hopefully, one that's even better than the last one.

Honorable Mentions

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    Here are some guys who didn't quite make the cut:

    R Truth: The guy's been hilarious as of late (see video) but wasn't so good with the rapper thing.

    Cody Rhodes: He's been doing great recently with the Un-dashing gimmick, but before that he was pretty boring.

    Kane: He cut some good promos during his feud with Undertaker in 2010.

    Undertaker: Doesn't cut many promos, but the ones he does cut are great.

    Sheamus: His promos have always been pretty good as a heel, but we've yet to see how good his face run will be.

    Zack Ryder: His Youtube show proves that he can be funny, but I haven't seen much of his serious side.

    Michelle McCool: Say what you want about how annoying she was in LayCool, but Michelle carried the Divas division for pretty much the entire 'PG Era,' and her mic skills were a big reason for that.

    MVP: He was great, but he left too early. He had some real talent on the mic. Go back to Miz's slide and watch the video to see some of both men's best work.

    Randy Orton: I hate the guy and his mic skills as a face suck, but he did cut some good promos as a heel.

    Kofi Kingston: His feud with Orton in 2009 showed he had some talent on the mic.

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