NHL Free Agency 2011: Best Goaltenders Still Available and Where They Will Go

Scott SemmlerAnalyst IIJuly 28, 2011

NHL Free Agency 2011: Best Goaltenders Still Available and Where They Will Go

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    It does not look good for the goalies still available via free agency.  Every team in the NHL has at least two goalies under contract, which makes only minor league deals and/or depth left to be signed at the position.

    However, the best goaltenders left can still play in the NHL, it is just about getting the right opportunity with a team. 

    Given the amount of netminder injuries last season, as well as backup goalies making a name for themselves year in and year out, the players left on the free agent market can still make waves in the NHL.  They just need a team to take them up on it.

    Here are the best goaltenders still available in free agency.

Pascal LeClaire

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    The odds are slim that LeClaire finds a roster spot in the NHL.

    In early July, it seemed that LeClaire was still a talent in this league, but as the days go by it seems that that is not the case.  It does not appear that way to the NHL teams, at least.

    With only 60 total games in the last three years and just coming off hip surgery, his days in the NHL may be coming to a close.

    New Team:  Europe

Marty Turco

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    Heading into free agency, you had to figure that there was at least a backup spot on some team for Turco, right?

    Evidently not.

    Turco is having a hard time finding any suitors this late in free agency, and he certainly is not going to sign any minor league contract at this time in his career.

    The 35-year-old is running out of options.

    New Team:  Retire

Ray Emery

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    Reports state that Emery has a tryout with the Chicago Blackhawks, which is good, considering Chicago may be the last realistic open goalie spot on an NHL roster.

    Emery is arguably the best goaltender still available on the market, and yet his chances of making an NHL roster are still very slim.  However, the Chicago tryout could prove to come through in the clutch for the 28-year-old.

    New Team:  Chicago Blackhawks