5 Preseason Top-25 Teams That Will Lose Twice as Many Games in 2011

David Stucky@@SirBigSpur06Contributor IIJuly 28, 2011

5 Preseason Top-25 Teams That Will Lose Twice as Many Games in 2011

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    I have compiled a list of five teams ranked in this year's ESPN Preseason Top 25 that will have at least twice as many regular season losses this year than they did last. 

    This does not necessarily mean they aren't ranked correctly; just that their fan bases should dampen their expectations based on last year's performance.

1. Oregon Ducks

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    2010 Regular Season Record: 12-0

    Preseason Rank: No. 3

    Look, it's very difficult for ANY team to have undefeated back-to-back regular seasons no matter how much talent is on the team. 

    There exists in the formula for every perfect season a certain amount of luck. A missed first quarter field goal here, a red-zone fumble there, etc. 

    It's difficult to get all the balls to bounce your way two consecutive years.  Just ask the 2009 Florida Gators that were coming off of a championship season with a Heisman-winning QB and basically all of their important players returning.

    I don't think Oregon gets all the breaks this year.  Teams have seen this offense for a few seasons now, and you can bet your Rose Bowl ticket they have been working tirelessly figuring out ways to neutralize it. 

    One team will.  And it will be the first team they play, LSU.  The one team on their schedule with more speed than them. 

    Projected 2011 Regular Season Record: 11-1

2. Stanford Cardinal

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    2010 Regular Season Record: 11-1

    Preseason Rank: No. 7

    Don't get me wrong here, Stanford will have a very good team this year, and obviously, Andrew Luck coming back for his senior season is a big part of that.  But when you only lose one game the year before, it's quite easy to double it.

    They have also lost some key pieces to last year's puzzle; the most important of which was Jim Harbaugh. 

    I don't think it should be underestimated the type of impact his coaching style has had on the Cardinal.  I for one do not believe that Stanford has the talent to simply plug in a new, unproven coach and equal last years results. 

    Their schedule doesn't help either.  They play at Arizona in a prime-time, nationally televised game. At USC, Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame and none of those are cake-walks. 

    I see them losing to Oregon and at Arizona in what won't be as big of an upset as most pundits will deem it to be. 'Zona has a VERY talent-laden and experienced team this year, and the student body will be jacked-up for the night game.

    Predicted 2011 Regular Season Record: 10-2 

3. Ohio State Buckeyes

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    2010 Regular Season Record: 11-1

    Preseason Rank: No. 10

    Some might say this was the easiest one to pick, but I'm not so sure.  Make no mistake, losing the program's winning-est coach (that's saying a lot) and a Heisman candidate, senior QB is devastating to any team. 

    But if there's one team with enough talent reserve on its roster to do it, it's the Buckeyes. 

    They may be losing highly touted high school prospects to the like of Michigan now, but they still have a stable full of equally highly touted prospects they signed in the last four years.  

    They consistently win and I don't think that will stop this year.  However, I don't think they'll win as much.

    They will beat Michigan again (I was a freshman in college the last time they lost), but that road trip to Lincoln and a stronger, Russell Wilson-led Badger crew will be too much for them this year.

    Projected 2011 Regular Season Record: 10-2  

4. TCU Horned Frogs

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    2010 Regular Season Record: 12-0

    Preseason Rank: No. 15

    Gary Patterson and the Horned Frogs will be returning a very good defense this year sans star—and shockingly undrafted—safety Tejay Johnson. 

    Tank Carder will continue to eat up running backs and QB's like a starving hyena, but the pieces just aren't there on offense this year to put together another undefeated regular season.

    The reason? Andy Dalton.

    The guy just knew how to win.  He was the unquestioned leader of that team, and he will be impossible to replace. That being said, Dalton's heir, Casey Pachall is no slouch, but to win 12 straight games you need high-level consistency, something that's too much to ask from a redshirt sophomore with zero starts under his belt. 

    They will fall to (also depleted) Boise State on the blue turf and will drop one to either BYU or SMU as well.

    Projected 2011 Regular Season Record: 10-2

5. Auburn Tigers

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    2010 Regular Season Record: 13-0

    Preseason Rank: No. 23

    This was the easiest team to pick for me.  Although I don't think Cam Newton will be a good pro QB, you can't argue how dominant he was in his one season at Auburn. 

    This season, there is a distinct possibility that a true freshman QB could get playing time (Kiehl Frazier). Tell me the last time a team like that went undefeated (or even had a bowl-bound season)?

    The Tigers do have some great talent returning in the likes of Mike Dyer and speedster Ontario McCaleb at RB, but WR Darvin Adams made a mistake leaving early, and it is going to hurt Auburn as they are left with somewhat of an empty cupboard at WR.

    Their 2010 National Championship has and still is paying dividends for them on the recruiting trail, but we won't see most of those players for another year or two.

    Aubie falls at Clemson, at South Carolina, at Arkansas, at LSU, vs Florida and vs tree-killing rival, Bama.

    Projected 2011 Regular Season Record: 6-6