Kevin Keegan's Team Talk: Did He Really Stun Newcastle Players?

Eddy ShearyadiCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2008

It’s never surprising when a rival's supporters are quick to hurl jeers and gibes against our team.  But I don't think that’s the place of the press.

In my opinion, the News of the World article about how United players were stunned by Kevin Keegan's team talk crossed the line.

They claim that the piece was written with the aid of a “club insider” who said something about how the United players were waiting for Keegan to give his instructions, but that all he could manage to offer was, "Arsenal is a great passing team.  We must make sure we pass the ball better than them."

But in reality there probably never was an “insider” at all, though the paper claims this informant charged Keegan with an inability to offer any productive tactics.  The players were stunned by these allegations.

Nicky Butt said that King Kev brought belief back to the team, disputing the News of the World report.

“The manager has been very chatty, very bubbly around the place. He speaks to you individually and tells you what he expects of you. It’s disappointing at the moment because of the results we have had but we are all feeling very positive,” Butt said.

And speaking to Jonathan Woodgate’s refusal to join Keegan's revolution, Butt said it’s very disappointing that Newcastle did not get a player like Jonathan.

"If Jonathan doesn’t want to come that is up to him.  It’s a tight schedule for Kevin to get the deals done because he arrived late.  But I’m sure he will be working hard on getting players.” 

Butt added, “It’s no good getting players in who are no good to get into the team, we need players who can play week in and week out.”