Six Reasons Why I Love Carey Price!

Harani T.Correspondent INovember 6, 2008

As you might have already found out, Carey Price has been elected by the National Hockey League (NHL) to be on the ballot for the voting in view of the All-Star game which is to be held in Montreal during the weekend of January 25. A

team of different players for each conference will be put together and and will compete in a friendly All-Star game. For that, the fans can also vote for their favorite players to be part of the game.

From the Montreal Canadiens, the players who are on the ballot are: Alex Kovalev, Saku Koivu, Alex Tanguay, Andrei Markov, Mike Komisarek and Carey Price.

Carey Price is a great athlete. I sincerely feel that being only 21, he absolutely deserves to be on the All-Star team and show that it can make a difference if you give the effort. Personally he is an example of perseverance and hard work.

So, in this piece honoring Carey Price, I wanted to trace back all the reasons why I am one of his craziest fans.


1. The Montreal Canadiens

Playing for a historical franchise such as Montreal is probably the best thing Price could have done to shape his NHL career adequately. Him being part of this team is one of the main reasons we accord so much attention to Carey.


2. The Mega Accomplishment  

It is not everyday that a 20-year-old makes the jump for the NHL so quick, especially being a goalie. If it was a forward or even a defenseman, teams have back-up options but in the case of a goaltender, a team who dosn’t make the right call can end up in big trouble.

So, having won the World Junior Championship for Canada and also getting the MVP of the tournament sure earned Price his spot. But, this didn’t happen overnight. So, his passion and drive to be where he is today is impressive. No one can deny that.


3.  Calmness

It is quite rare that you see a goalie with such precise technique. It is one thing to make the necessary saves but it is another thing to make it look easy or hard. In the case of Price, he really makes his job look easy. Even though Martin Brodeur is an awesome goalie, he has his own style.

Price’s style demonstrates a very poised person. He understands his job and doesn’t panic or even look tensed. Especially with his experience (or lack of), he knows his position and goes with the flow.

If you also carefully notice, most of time, the team defends him when someone goes overboard against Price. He usually just walks away. But when time comes, like the against Minnesota Wild where he held back Mikko Koivu for fighting, Price showed character. He knows when it is appropriate for him to make the move.


4. Perseverance

We all have our bad times. With all the crap directed at him after the playoff series, one ought to at least feel  a little defeated. But what do you know? At the debut of this season, Price was back and I really mean BACK! A simple example of his quality could be observed in the game against the Islanders.

He did let in a ‘’bad’’ goal which was disappointing and it was the first time he actually expressed his feeling by hitting the stick against the ice. And even when he let in four goals in two periods and had a calm third period. He came up HUGE on those few last saves. In order to be able to have that quality, one has to be very mature.


5. Humor

It is quite amusing as fans to see how the players celebrate. Price and Gorges, close friends as they call it, find new ways of celebrating victory. In one game, they exchanged helmets (hilarious!) and the next one they had a cat-n’-mouse show. It is nice to see players getting along and to know and understand the little humor which helps them get along better just makes the game that much more interesting. Also, Price to the reporters:  ‘’I’ll poison you if you come over for dinner!’’


6. Confidence

Another interesting point about Price is that luck seems to be on his side. He does work hard but most of time, he is the one who has the most amazing (in a sense Impossible) saves. For example, take the against Detroit on September 30 or the backhand save in the playoffs against the Bruins could all be recorded as saves of the year.

To be able to reach out like that and dare such moves can only be done when we are confidence. Price, so far, has embodies only confidence. He has never been overconfident nor hav i seen him double-guessing himself!


Although his age might be an issue for many, I personally feel it as an advantage. He has a great career in front of him and for sure, like Carbonneau said ‘’He won’t know it if he doesn’t  live it’’. That is absolutely true.  

As for the All-Star team, I feel that he deserves a chance. With all the hype of the game being held in Montreal and the amount of fans there to support him, I am sure it will be possible. Carey Price will be in nets in the All-Star game.  

On a side note, I was going to write an article on the Price-R.J. Umberger (yes...the player who scored 8 times on Price during the 2008 playoffs) ,but unfortunately that won’t happen. At least, not now.

Guy Carbonneau has put Jaroslav Halak in the net for the Columbus game and Carey Price will face the Toronto Maple Leafs.  


Do comment and feel free to express your opinion.


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