Cleveland Browns Will Beat Denver

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

I firmly believe that tonight's game will be a win for the Browns. I believe it so firmly that I write this to enable myself to gloat later.

Although I expect Brady Quinn to play a decent game, he'll not be the reason that the disappointing Brownies win. The game ball will go to the man pictured in this article, Jamal Lewis. The veteran running back must have a good game, and I think he will. I look for his first 100 yard performance of the season.

My entire prediction is predicated on this. If Lewis can gash the weak Bronco defense, than they'll fill the box with 8 players and allow Quinn some open receivers. There's no reason this shouldn't happen.

I see Quinn in the situation of not having to win it, just having not to lose it.

Denver's defense is giving up over 5 yards a rush! That's a remarkable stat. If Lewis can't get his 100 tonight, there may not be another 100 in him. If he does, he'll protect his young quarterback, allow the defense to rest and, most importantly, make me correct.