New York Jets: Who Do Jets Go After If They Miss out on Asomugha?

Ed OrzaCorrespondent IIJuly 28, 2011

Michael Lombardi is reporting that the Texans have offered a contract that would pay Nnmadi more money per year than Darelle Revis.  

: Hearing Houston has moved into the lead for Asomugha—money in the 12-14 mill per year range...Revis makes 11.5 per year

Odds are, this means the Jets are out of the running. Revis did recently say publicly he would restructure his deal if it helped the Jets get Asomugha.  Let's be real, inside the locker room that is not going to fly.  At the very least, it just isn't a very smart move to show up your best player like that.  

If Asomugha is out, who's next?  

Antonio Cromartie is the likely choice, but who knows how he feels about the fact that the Jets were going after Nnamdi.  

If Cromartie can't be re-signed, there's Johnathan Joseph at corner.

The Jets could also turn their attention towards filling other needs, like offensive lineman and a pass rusher, even a safety.  

Alternative Free Agent options:  Manny Lawson and OLB Dashon Goldson of the San Francisco 49ers; Willie Colon T of the Pittsburgh Steelers; Braylon Edwards of the NY Jets, Randy Moss of the Tennessee Titans 

At first, it might sting that the Jets seem to be out of the running, but it may turn out that this will allow the Jets to build a more complete contender.