WWE Divas Battle Royal: Who Needs To Win To Bring Credibility To The Dying Breed

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WWE Divas Battle Royal: Who Needs To Win To Bring Credibility To The Dying Breed
Alicia Fierce on the prowl.

This past Monday night on RAW it was announced that the following week was going to feature a No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal for the Divas Championship. Kudos to WWE for actually building some sort of suspense for a Divas match for once.

I immediately knew who needed to win the Battle Royal. Now that Triple H is supposedly in charge, there's somewhat of a chance that women's wrestling in the WWE can finally be revamped to what it used to be circa 2003.

But to do that you need the right talent battling against one another.

Which is why the next two ladies are the best candidates for winning the battle royal next week. And they are:


No. 1: Alicia Fox

Alicia seems to have stepped up her game in the ring thanks to the Divas' newest road agent, Goldust. Not exactly when it comes to her moveset, but her execution. Alicia has learned to control her over-the-top selling and become much more comfortable in the ring.

Props to Goldust—putting him in charge of the women was a brilliant move! It's just like when Fit Finlay was in charge of the Divas on the road. Both are ring veterans and can help anyone get to a higher level in wrestling, as seen these past few weeks with Alicia.

Alicia has chemistry with everyone she works with in the ring because she's a good worker! Her previous matches with current Divas Champion Kelly Kelly have been very solid, and that was over a year and a half ago! So clearly there's nowhere for these two to go together but up.

Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly face off.

Fox has tons of spunk and personality, but doesn't really know where to channel it when she's on the mic. Thus she comes off as awkward and confused. But with mic pro Goldust in her corner, she may finally blossom on the mic and be able to work a proper program with Kelly Kelly.

Aside from that, the two have exchanged looks on SmackDown in previous weeks which could be the basis for the feud. It could start out as a competitive rivalry, nothing more, nothing less. And then boom! Alicia takes it to a personal level out of nowhere!

How, I'm not sure, but WWE can come up with something.

And I'm not talking about petty jealousy or pathetic name-calling. It has to be vicious. Perhaps she beats Kelly down following one of their friendly matchups?

Either way, Alicia is a perfect choice for No. 1 contender.


No. 2: Melina

My second choice is a no-brainer!

Melina can do it all—literally. She's a natural mic worker, a fantastic in-ring performer, captures everyone's attention from the get-go, has a unique look and makes everyone in the ring look good. And I mean everyone.

Melina makes Layla look like gold.

Being the veteran that she is, Melina would be able to make herself look good, but still get Kelly extremely over. She got Maria over in her heyday, Mickie in her's, Candice in her's and even Michelle McCool on occasion—a feat in and of itself!

So if anyone would be able to double Kelly's fanfare, it would be Melina.

Not only that, but she'd be able to help Kelly expand her moveset. Just ask miss Layla El. Back when Melina was on SmackDown in 2009, Layla truly blossomed as an in-ring competitor when she faced off against Melina. Her moveset showed great range, and her fluidity in the ring peaked.

As far as creating a good feud, Melina is the perfect bitchy contrast to the Barbie-like girl next door, Kelly Kelly.

The final reason that Alicia or Melina need to take the win is that winning the belt after a short feud with Kelly would lead to much more interesting feuds with much more capable competitors. Just think of the possibilities—Alicia or Melina up against Beth, Nattie, Gail or a returning Layla?

Yes, please!

So now the question now stands: Who do you want to see pick up the win next week?

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