KGB : A Packer Fan's Final Salute

Don ZakCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

The world of professional football is a business, and Packer fans experienced that last week when Green Bay released Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila from the team.

In the new world that football operates in, general managers, players and agents are all searching for the best opportunities for themselves.  Connections with teams, let alone fans, last only a few seasons instead of entire careers.

But what opportunity is there for the fans to connect?  It’s easy to enjoy game day but is it a true connection?  KGB is one of the few remaining players that definitely cares about the fans, encourages interaction and builds a connection as only a true professional athletes does.

Why do I profess to call KGB a true athlete?  Because he cares for the fans and the community both on and off the field.  Over the past three years I have written to KGB, thanking him for his effort each week, and included a Topps football card.  Each time I have received back from him not only my card autographed but additional signed memorabilia!

What player in this day and age would consistently sign a fan’s card knowing that it probably will be sold on Ebay? While I have also received signed cards back from Hawk, Driver, Harris and Clifton over the years, only KGB has consistently sent back to me year in and year out his autograph.

He will be missed both on and off the field, and Packer fans should wish him all the best. But fans should also realize what will be sacrificed in terms of community spirit when the Packers released KGB.