2009 Chicago Cubs Convention: Are You Going?

Ricky ButtsCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

Tickets to the 2009 Chicago Cubs Convention will be on sale starting today. 

First, I would like to hear some stories from some that have went in recent years. 

Second, for those of you that have never been, if you are a Cubs fan, I would say you need to go at least once.

It has been 10 years since I have gone, but the memories stand out.

I remember in 1999, the year after the Cubs won the wild card, the opening ceremonies were crazy. As they rolled a video of highlights, with Green Day's "Time of Your Life" playing, as you looked around tears of joy were rolling from many a face.

I personally got to meet several players, some were current at the time and others were legends.

At that time, they had raffles for the most popular players: Mark Grace, Sammy Sosa, Andre Dawson, Ernie Banks, and Ryne Sandberg. I am not sure if they still do this, but everyone with a pass got to enter. If you had your name picked for a certain player, you were guaranteed to get their autograph and a short conversation.

As a young boy, the autographs and meeting players was extremely exciting. The players were all very generous during this time also. It was also exciting to meet new players before they actually play for the Cubs.

Third, are any of you going this year? My father and I have been talking about going, so I am sure I will know by tonight. 

If a group of B/R Cubbies are going we should meet up for a drink (or two).