Crisis In Oakland: The Madness Of King Al

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer INovember 6, 2008

I'm not sure I understand what is going on in Oakland. As a 21st Century man, I find it hard to believe that a billion-dollar corporation could still be run like a fiefdom or a 'mom-and-pop' outfit.

But that is what is going on in Oakland these days, and it has been apparently been going on for awhile now.  NFL teams should be treated and operated like public trusts in this day and age. The ownership has a responsibility to the customers and the municipality. They must provide a cutting-edge, cost-efficient product fit for general consumption. That is not happening in Oakland, and now the people must force a change.

The City of Oakland and the citizens of Oakland must sue the Raiders for the removal of owner Al Davis.  He is an antiquated thinker who is well past his prime as an administrator. The game of football and the business of football passed him by at least a decade ago. 

The NFL is only as strong as its weakest link. Right now, that link is the Oakland Raiders. it may not appear to be on the surface, but underneath is a barren wasteland.  Al Davis was once a great football man, but everyone's time comes to and end. His end came quite a number of years ago, he just never got out of his chair. Davis continuing to run the Raiders is equivalent to Ronald Reagan being inaugurated next January as president instead of Barack Obama.

The recent dismissal of DeAngelo Hall is the final nail in the coffin.  This player was never worth $70 million. The same case could be made for Gibril Wilson's $39 million and the troubled Javon Walker's huge contract. Who made these decisions? Not a rational or sane person, that is for sure. The drafting of Darren McFadden was another folly, like putting a shiny, new hood ornament on a burned-out car. 

It is time for the Raider Nation - the most passionate fan base in American sports - to rally to get control of their team. It is imperative to wrest the reins from Davis and right this ship once and for all. Not only for your own football futures but for the future of professional football.

You can do it. You recalled a governor not too long ago, remember. Anything is possible.