Daily Haze: Free Agency Already Affecting Fantasy Football

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Daily Haze: Free Agency Already Affecting Fantasy Football

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Teams are not allowed to sign free agents from other teams just yet, but that is not stopping them from setting up contracts with players in advance.

Football has only been back one day but it already feels like a month of offseason. There have been reported cuts, free agent moves, retirements, rookie signings and trade talk. And teams have not really even been able to do anything yet!

What we do know already about the free agency period could have an impact on the 2011 fantasy football season. Here are some of the more important moves to date:

1. Seattle signs quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Leinart

So much for Matt Hasselbeck coming back to Seattle. Jackson and Leinart are expected to join the ‘Hawks on Friday when free agency officially begins. Sidney Rice may also move west with Jackson. Meanwhile, Tennessee is the leading candidate to land Hasselbeck’s services this season.

2. Dallas cuts Roy Williams and Marion Barber

The big names on the chopping block yesterday, Barber and Williams were cut to make space under the salary cap. Both are perhaps on the downslopes of their careers (especially Barber) and do not have any significant fantasy value at this point.

3. Baltimore cuts Willis McGahee, Derrick Mason and Todd Heap

McGahee was the first big-name cut of the offseason when it was announced Monday afternoon that he would be released. None of these guys will last long on the market, and I wonder if Baltimore has plans on bringing at least Mason and Heap back at a lower rate.

4. DeAngelo Williams choosing between Carolina and Denver

As a Jonathan Stewart owner in a keeper league, PLEASE GOD LET DeAngelo Williams GO TO DENVER. It now sounds like Williams wants to stay in Carolina, but there could be a bidding war that will shake the fantasy world one way or another.

5. Carson Palmer retires

Not sure if this is official yet, but it sounds like Palmer followed through on his threat to retire if not traded this offseason. The Bengals’ front office is unyielding in granting Palmer’s request, so it looks like the NFL is going to lose a decent quarterback well before the end of his career, if you ask me.

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