WWE's John Morrison: Analyzing Arguments Against Him Becoming World Champion

RiZESenior Writer IJuly 27, 2011

WWE's John Morrison: Analyzing Arguments Against Him Becoming World Champion

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    Ever since my illustrious debut in the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), one Superstar has remained the constant center of hate/praise by IWC Members.

    The Superstar I am referring to is none other than the IWC “Golden Boy”, John Morrison.  While the Prince of Parkour can certainly lay claim to the above nickname, as of late, Morrison’s critics have gone on a feeding frenzy. Despite being sidelined with a neck injury, John Morrison remained the proverbial bulls’ eye on the radar of numerous IWC members.

    As of late, I’ve read a number of comments I find absolutely outrageous. Personally, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. On the other hand, to exhibit the level of hate I’ve witnessed is ridiculous considering we don’t know the superstar personally.

    The trend sparked an interest in me.

    Being a writer who thrives off of debates, I’ve decided to analyze and breakdown the recent/common arguments against a John Morrison push. I’d like to note that this article is to encourage debates. If you disagree/agree with my opinions, I encourage you to comment.

    With that being said, let’s start the show.

He's a Spot Monkey!

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    Perhaps the most frequent argument against John Morrison is the spot-monkey label most have bestowed upon him. Since Royal Rumble 2011, John Morrison has orchestrated numerous spots displaying his parkour training style.

    While the spots have aided Morrison’s in attaining notoriety among the members of the WWE Universe, they’ve also aided his critics.

    They’ve labeled him a spot monkey.

    I’ve read comments proclaiming Morrison can’t perform actual wrestling moves so he relies on “jumping around” the better part of his matches. The critics somehow forget John Morrison did exist before 2011.

    I didn’t.

    As a huge fan of SmackDown and ECW, I found a number of Morrison’s matches before 2011. From Rey Mysterio to Evan Bourne, the Shaman of Sexy has wrestled his fair share of great matches.  I’ve listed Morrison’s match with Bourne that instantly writes off the spot-monkey label.

    If the video isn’t satisfying, I recommend his matches with Edge, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, or any match Morrison wrestled with Miz as his tag team partner.

He Has No Charisma!!!

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    John Morrison has “lame duck” charisma.

    This comment was actually a part of an article that stated why fans shouldn’t care for John Morrison or his impending return. As I read this article, I felt as if I needed to explain the definition of charisma to the writer.

    I refrained from doing so and decided to save it for another time.

    The book definition for charisma is a special personal quality or power of an individual making him capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people. If we were to translate this into pro wrestling terms, it would be the crowd reaction.

    This past Monday, Morrison’s return sparked the loudest favorable crowd reaction of the night (besides CM Punk).

    On the other hand, I found another definition of charisma that’s worth nothing. Charisma's other sense is a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. When reading attractiveness or charm, I encourage readers to take a look at the collage of John Morrison.


John Morrison Has NOOO MIC SKILLS!!!!

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    Oh, the proverbial elephant in the room.

    John Morrison has the worst mic skills ever. John Morrison doesn’t possess the mic skills worthy of main eventer. I’ve read it a thousand times before and it’s highly likely that I’ll read it again. As I stated in the first slide, it seems as if critics strangely forget that John Morrison existed before 2010-11.

    Personally, I always refer to John Morrison’s time with The Miz or his feud with CM Punk on ECW. After Morrison dropped the Johnny Nitro gimmick and adopted the arrogant rock star we all know and love, Morrison cut a series of promos worthy of a main-event talent.

    The Dirt Sheet (Morrison and Miz' online talk show) can also justify my claim that Morrison’s mic skills are easily better than his as a face. Whenever I mention this, the general statement is “John Morrison can’t work the mic as a face”. While this is the popular opinion, it can also be proven wrong.

    I found the video of Edge and Morrison from SmackDown two years ago. It’s a little blurry, but here’s a link to a better one, http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9n0zq_edge-vs-john-morrison_sport.

    If the video doesn’t convince you, I suggest you watch these.




    I’m pretty sure those are convincing enough.

    In case the Morrison critics haven’t been informed, John Morrison was taking comedy classes to improve his mic skills. Let’s hope they paid off so you guys can have one less thing to complain about.

He'll Defeat R-Truth Along the Way

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    This excuse recently sprung up after R-Truth's infamous heel turn a few months ago. Ever since his turn, R-Truth has become one of the WWE’s top heels. Accompanied by his “little Jimmy’s”, Truth has risen up the WWE card, defeating the likes of Rey Mysterio and John Cena on the way.

    Truth’s turn was so successful that it eventually led to a WWE Title match with John Cena at Capitol Punishment.

    Of course, Truth lost the match and dropped down the card in favor of CM Punk. While Morrison sat on the sidelines, IWC members began to pan his return. Most stated that Truth would job to Morrison once he was healthy enough to compete. Some fans even stated that Morrison was no longer on Truth’s level.

    The frequency of these comments rose dramatically when the WWE aired a video highlighting the impending return of Morrison.

    Once again, critics seemingly forgot Morrison was the reason Truth was turned in the first place. Because of his backstage problems with Trish Stratus, John Morrison was set for a major depushing. The first step was having Truth defeat Morrison in a gauntlet match the night after WrestleMania.

    When news spread that Edge was retiring, Vince McMahon immediately began molding Morrison for the rock star gimmick Edge possessed. Morrison would reclaim his spot in the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules while Truth was turned.

    The reason Truth was turned was to aid Morrison in ascending to the top card.

    Simply put, Truth was going to job to Morrison sooner or later.  R-Truth’s better days are behind him. The best thing Truth can offer now is to aid opposing face Superstars.

    The greatest in-ring performer of all time did this. Why can’t Truth?

Closing: Let's End the Unnecessary Hate

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    Thanks, Bleacher Creatures, for reading this slideshow. Once again, I understand that everyone is entitled to his own opinion. Then again, when constant bashing is involving, it becomes ridiculous and unnecessary.

    So let me end with this, let’s refrain from the overwhelming criticism and cynicism when it comes to John Morrison. Refrain from criticizing wrestlers without substantial evidence to back up our claims.

    The mindless insults and wise cracks should be told as a joke and not to describe these men who work to entertain us.

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