Sixers-Heat: Wade Shines As Sixers Look Lost

Mike ThomasContributor INovember 5, 2008

Dwayne Wade was "Ballin". His Heat embarrassed the Sixers as they played great defense that forced 24 Sixers turnovers. The Sixers looked like they spent the night out around South Beach. The Sixers shot 37% while the heat shot 47% and made it look easy. Dwayne Wade scored 29 points, had 7 rebounds, 6 assist and 5 steals. Dwayne Wade looked like his old self hustling on defense and every time the Sixers tried to comeback his team responded. Mario Chalmers, the rookie out of Kansas, set a franchise high with 9 steals. He was everywhere tonight. Miami outscored the Sixers 21-8 on fast break points. The Sixers did not lead all game and the Heats largest lead was 29. It was flat out an ugly game on the Sixers side. Michael Beasley, the highly touted rookie out of Kansas State had 17 points. As for the Sixers the lone bright spots were filled by Thaddeus Young and Sweet Lou Williams. Thaddeus had 12 of his 19 points in the first quarter as he tried to keep the Sixers in the game. Lou scored 16 points off the bench and was very aggressive on the floor as he always is. Andre Iguodala is not playing well this season. He just does not look himself and seems to be affected by the Elton Brand trade, and with Thaddeus Young  emerging as a scorer. I think Andre will turn the lights on one of these games, because he has been playing like he is in the dark.