NFL: Free Agency Talks Spur Expansion Team Chatter

Scott Pauley@scott.pauleyAnalyst IJuly 27, 2011

NFL: Free Agency Talks Spur Expansion Team Chatter

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    With the NFL lockout finally over and teams finally getting down to business, the talk of free agents has become a major topic with signings just days away.

    Who will stay?

    Who will go?

    Who will leave happy?

    Who will leave upset?

    Once the deadlines have passed and everyone is everywhere—what will we talk about until the first preseason kickoff?

    The best way I can figure to keep up the chatter is to simply introduce an expansion team—with nothing but free agents on the roster.

    Here are some of the top picks for offense.


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    Marc Bulger

    Thought by many to be “finished”—Marc Bulger is not a quitter.   A team who seeks a QB that has patience and wisdom will pick up Bulger as soon as possible.  As shown in 2002—while with the St. Louis Rams—Bulger can be asked to perform and will answer that call with a stat shattering YES!


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    Brian Brohm

    Like Bulger, Brian Brohm is a product of college football’s Big East Conference.  Also like Bulger, Brohm has seen little action in his first few years in the NFL.  However, as we have seen from Bulger, given the right opportunity—Brohm is just one touchdown throw away from a great comeback story.

Running Back

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    DeAngelo Williams

    After getting limited play last season—due to injury—DeAngelo Williams is ready to give his team a full season of action.  It won’t take Williams long to settle in and become a leader, no matter what city he calls home.

Running Back

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    Ricky Williams

    Ricky Williams has had a few moments in his career that are less than admireable.  However, Williams—given the right offensive line and good play calling—can repeat as the NFL’s leading rusher as he was in 2002.

Wide Receiver

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    Braylon Edwards

    Ready to grow-up and catch the football—Braylon Edwards will make one team the proud envy of the offensive scheme.  Edwards showed much maturity in 2010 while with the Jets.

Wide Receiver

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    Darius Reynaud

    After being moved to running back and then traded to the Giants, Darius Reynaud is ready to have a break-out season as wide receiver.  He’s young, he’s stable, and he has golden hands.  Look for Reynaud to impress a coach somewhere and see a lot more time on the field.


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    Michael Robinson

    College quarterback—turned NFL fullback—Michael Robinson has a lot to prove.  After having a good start with the San Francisco in 2006 at running back, Robinson was converted to fullback in 2008 and then released in 2010. Now with the Seahawks, Robinson is set and ready to roll wherever he can play football. 


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    Zach Miller

    Zach Miller will be one of the hottest free-agent prospects this season.  Look for a team to shell out big bucks—as far as tight-ends are concerned—to have Miller onboard.  However, don’t look for Oakland to give up on him too easy.


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    Adam Vinatieri

    There isn’t much that needs to be said about Adam Vinatieri.  He has tenure, tenacity and a quite a good toe.  Adam has no worries—some team will want him.


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    Ben Graham

    With a smile on his face, Ben Graham will be content no matter where he ends up.  Graham just likes to kick the ball.  Unlike his days as an Australian Rules football player, in the NFL he isn’t running for his life as he tries to kick.  However, Graham will be a good catch for a team looking for strength and stamina.