Paulo Filho = Overrated

Jake DixonCorrespondent INovember 1, 2016

Right off the bat, I have never seen any of Paulo Fihlo's fights in Pride. I would have to assume that him being 16-0 and fighting against the competition that Pride had to offer, he is a good fighter.

What I have watched is both of his fights against Chael Sonnen and the conclusion I bring out of these fights is that Paulo Fihlo is very, very, VERY, overrated. He's the Chuck Liddell of the submission game. He's very one dimensional, has no stand up whatsoever and his cardio looks horrific. I just have gotten done watching his 3 round decision loss to Sonnen and I must say that he was the worst looking champion I have seen in any MMA organization in my life.

Now I know that Paulo has had some personal problems, mostly drug related, and if that has affected his performance tonight, then I just hope he can get healthy and prove to me what kind of fighter he was. If it is not due to any personal problems, then I hope for his sake he wakes up and realizes he needs to put some work into the gym, make weight, and learn some other disciplines before he joins the UFC, because at this point, he won't be staying in the UFC very long.

So for all you haters, or Fihlo lovers, I'm ready for your barrage of "You have no idea how good of a fighter Paulo is.....". The problem with that is I think I do. He's shown it in the cage the last two times he has fought. I haven't closed the book on Fihlo, but I'm done reading it for now.