First Order Of Business For President-Elect Obama? College Football Playoffs!

Chip MinnichCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

The secret to President-Elect Obama's victory on Election Day? All of the undecided voters broke to Obama as a result of this interview with Chris Berman on Monday Night Football. Sounds perfectly plausible to me.

While there is considerable speculation as to the first order of business for the new administration come January 20th, I believe the arguments for a college football system should be near the top.

And once they have come to the conclusion that college football needs a playoff system, the administration will have a working framework that will pretty much ensure a second term in office, due to 1) the financial windfall generated from such a system, and 2) how completely easy it was on everyone involved to get behind it.

President-Elect Obama won't have to look too far for other college coaches to support a playoff system. USC Coach Pete Carroll and Penn State Coach Joe Paterno are long-time playoff advocates—Coach Carroll was quoted as saying the current system "stinks." I think ALL college football fans, including President-Elect Obama, would have to concur with that description.

Mr. President-Elect, please give us a playoff system for college football!