CM Punk Video: Watch the Returning Champ Make His Return to Raw Official

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2011

At the end of last night's Raw, fans were ready to turn the channel in disgust, but then the script changed.

When Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" hit, only the most diehard Ring of Honor fans knew what was about to happen next. When CM Punk went through his move to the WWE, he came out to this song  on Ring of Honor programming before signing his new contract in the ring.

Punk made his return to WWE television last night, as the creative team continued to make references to his "Summer of Punk," which captivated fans so many years ago. It was a stunning return, as he stood face-to-face with Cena, posing with the duel WWE Championship belts, as the crowd continued to undersell the moment.

After Raw went off the air, Punk took the microphone and told everyone that he was back, news that is sure to delight fans around the world. Naturally, this sets up a massive showdown at SummerSlam between the two champions, in another clash that will unify the WWE Championship.

You have to love how the creative team crafted the end of the show, which has been brilliant for the past month or so. Fans everywhere, myself included, were furious that Cena was holding the strap again, having nightmares of past title reigns. We were so close to having the same old thing back on television, until Punk stepped on to the stage.

Now, we have another epic showdown to look forward to, and no idea what the company is going to do next. It is bringing fans back to the company in droves, and the future of the storylines has never seen more promising.

No, you didn't wake up in 1997. Welcome to the new era of WWE wrestling. We have CM Punk to thank for it's birth and success.