Pete Carroll and the Crying USC Trojans

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

There is no doubt college football must come up with a better way to decide what teams will play in the national championship game. Anytime you have people voting on who should playing to decide who is the best team in college football, there will be controversy. With this said, no matter how much you cry and complain about it, the BCS is the system currently used to decide who plays for the national title.

At this point in the season, the only team that is getting the raw end of the deal is Penn State. The Nittany Lions are 9-0 and with three games left in the season and will likely finish 12-0. If they do finish undefeated, they have a legit argument to play in the national championship game, but there are teams like USC who have no argument at all.

USC head coach Pete Carroll said the BCS stinks and that he doesn’t understand how it works. You can read more about his comments here, but it is not maybe it's not the BCS that stinks, but Carroll himself.

The Trojans did beat Ohio State earlier in the season and did so convincingly, but so did Florida and LSU in the last two BCS championship games. What is holding USC back is the fact it lost to Oregon State. Beating a ranked team does not hold much weight when you can’t beat the teams you are supposed to beat.

Don’t give me this load of you-know-what about shutting out Washington and Washington St. because these two teams combined have a record of 1-16. If Washington State would not have beat Portland State, the combined record would be 0-17.

USC is supposed to get the best talent year after year, yet Carroll can not coach them to victory against teams like Oregon State and Stanford. Can anyone tell me why USC should not have moved down in the BCS this past week?

Does anyone out there think USC is better than Alabama, Texas Tech, Penn State, Texas, Florida and Oklahoma? Maybe Penn State, but we will save that argument for another day (save the comments, I know I said Penn State has an argument, but the Lions are 9-0 so you can't take that away from them).

Stop your crying, Pete, and face the fact you are not that great of a coach. If your loss came from Ohio State instead of Oregon State, you might have something, but, year after year, you are handed a spot in the national championship by being ranked No. 1 or No. 2 in the preseason and you fail to maintain it, so go back to the NFL if you don’t like the system.