Daily Haze: NFL Lockout is Over, Willis McGahee the First Big Casualty

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Daily Haze: NFL Lockout is Over, Willis McGahee the First Big Casualty

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As expected, the NFL lockout officially ended yesterday when the player representatives unanimously approved the proposed CBA (the same one they bemoaned only a few days earlier, ironically enough). That means football is back, with a fury too.

Free agents started almost immediately, and the first big name told he would get the axe was Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee.

This is great news for Ray Rice owners, who have had to deal with the vulturing McGahee now for all of Rice‘s young career. Never more.

The Ravens did not stop there either; Baltimore also plans to cut veterans Todd Heap and Derrick Mason. So while Rice got a bit of good news, the ground is a little shakier this morning for quarterback Joe Flacco.

He still has Anquan Boldin and Rice, who catches a great deal of passes out of the backfield (I do not expect that to stop). The Ravens also spent an early draft pick on Torrey Smith, but rookie wide receivers are rarely dependable. Perhaps the Ravens plan on bringing Heap and/or Mason back at a reduced rate, or perhaps they plan on being active in free agency.

We will find out soon enough.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • I highly suggest following free agency on Twitter. It is going to be non-stop action the next few days. But if you are not into that sort of thing, you can follow the action from the source. [NFL.com]
  • Five sleeper quarterbacks to watch develop over the course of the next few weeks. Hopefully a few of these guys will get some help via free agency, but that is not the case for Christian Ponder. He needs the Vikings to hand him the job and not bring anyone else into camp. [Fantasy Knuckleheads]
  • Just a friendly reminder that the first NFL preseason games is only 14 days from now. That is two weeks, people! Get ready for some football. [Fantasy Football Librarian]
  • If you like Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Jason Witten but just cannot stomach having all three on your fantasy team, perhaps you could consider an another option — Draft Tony Romo. He has a ton of weapons, and this offense should have no trouble scoring. [Fantasy Douche]
  • How the lockout, and its subsequent end, is going to affect your fantasy football draft strategy this year. What is about to unfold is unprecedented in NFL history, and the same rings true for fantasy owners. There is more volatility this season than ever before. [Roto Arcade]

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