WWE and the Many Mistakes It Made on Monday Night Raw

Jonathan BachCorrespondent IIIJuly 26, 2011

This past Monday on Raw, CM Punk made his big return to WWE after "leaving" for a few weeks and prancing around with the WWE title wherever he went.

But a lot of the WWE Universe is going to feel cheated.  

The WWE officials got a little overexcited and brought Punk back way before he should have. The storyline a few weeks ago was that Punk would be leaving the company with the WWE title. Vince McMahon was afraid that Punk would go to other companies and defend the WWE Championship.

That was the storyline! 

How does it make sense at all to ruin that storyline by bringing Punk back two weeks after he supposedly left and was going somewhere else?

It doesn't.

Sure, now the WWE has a main event for Summerslam that is going to attract more attention than a match between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio, but it ruined what was the best storyline it has had in years.

It did not need to bring Punk back so fast.

My guess is that since The Rock announced he was not going to be at Summerslam and would make an appearance at the Survivor Series instead, the WWE needed to beef up the card.

But the fact is it abandoned an amazing storyline.

Punk made an appearance at an Indy Show this past week—he has been tweeting pictures of him roaming with the title. It made things interesting. And we all knew that eventually he would return to face whoever was the WWE champion at the time.

But it was way too soon.

And now, not only did he come back too soon, but the person holding the belt right now is Cena, of all people.

Rey Mysterio and Punk had an awesome match a few months ago, so it's not like the WWE couldn't have Punk vs. Mysterio for the title. This is the problem with WWE. It not only catapulted Cena from almost being fired to WWE champion, it also let down all the fans who thought the WWE was making progress.

It brought Zack Ryder to face Michael Cole! In a match that was less than 30 seconds!

This may sound more like a rant than anything else, but come on.

WWE was on a nice roll up until the end of Raw. It listened to the fans. It had a WWE Championship match with no Cena. It brought back Jim Ross (hopefully for a long period of time). It gave Ryder at least a little TV time.

But there were so many things that went wrong.

WWE took a few shots at masked wrestlers saying that they could not be good champions because they couldn't appear on talk shows and whatnot. I understand that Sin Cara is in a heap of trouble, but Mysterio was an awesome world heavyweight champion. 

And then WWE pulled a Christian on Mysterio and had him lose the belt within a week of winning it. He didn't even have the belt for a full two hours. 

It was ridiculous.

Well, I'm done with this, but it had to be said. WWE may have brought CM Punk back, but it ruined everything it had going for it.