Boston Celtics Losing Streak: Where's That Irish Luck?

Dylan LevinsonCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2008

The Boston Celtics started the season with a bang, and by January 5th had just three losses. 

They seemed unbeatable.

But now they've lost five of their last 10 games. 

For a team with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, that is a terrible record.  Their five losses were to beatable teams; first to Charlotte, then twice to Washington, to Toronto, and of course they lost to the Magic (93-96).

The Celtics haven't had major injuries this season, so what's happened?

Well they haven't had any major injures, but the Celtics have certainly suffered several minor injuries of major players.  In the game against the Magic, KG was forced to sit.  In the game against Charlotte, Ray Allen could not play. 

But, couldn't just two out of the Big Three manage to bring a win to the Celtics?

My opinion is that the Celtics’ losing streak is due to the bench's play.  I believe that many of the players on the bench are mediocre, at best, and these players’ weaknesses are showing up on the court.  If the Celtics want to win the championship, they better turn this around.

Regardless of a terrible bench, the Celtics will make the playoffs.   But they may not win in the playoffs without making real improvements to bench play.

The Celtics’ have been handed five losses, all by average teams, some even below average.  Imagine the Celtics play the Pistons again; they would blow Boston’s mind.

It's amazing that a team with as much talent as they have can manage only an unexceptional record.  Right now the Celtics are not performing to their potential.  They are, and have been, beatable.

The question I am asking is this:

Where's that Irish luck, and will it ever come back?