NBA: My "Dish on Point Guards"

Nigel Broadnax@@BroadnaxWritesCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2011

NBA: My "Dish on Point Guards"

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    Five ESPN writers (Jovan Buha, Rob Mahoney, Beckley Mason, Rob Peterson, and Royce Young) provided their take on questions pertaining NBA point guards. The questions were:

    1. Who's the best point guard in the NBA today? 

    2. Who's the most underrated point guard in the NBA?

    3. Who's the most overrated point guard in the NBA? 

    4. Who's the most promising point guard in the NBA? 

    5. Who's the best point guard of all-time?


    Here are my views on these inquiries.

1. Who's the Best Point Guard in the NBA Today?

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    Over the last two years, this has become a trick question. The point guard position has evolved to the point that so many of them are so good that you're never 100 percent sure on your answer. For the foreseeable future, no one will have a tight grip on the title of "Best Point Guard in the NBA" as it's always changing, and many people will be in disagreement on who most deserves the title.

    Right now, I will dub Derrick Rose as the league's top point guard. Even though he's far from the purest point guard around, he had one of the best seasons of any player last year. He seems to have the biggest impact on his team when it comes to lead guards at this moment.

    It's almost guaranteed that my opinion will change after the first month of the upcoming season.

2. Who's the Most Underrated Point Guard in the NBA?

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    I watched well over half of the games Andre Miller played in his stint with the Philadelphia 76ers, which was just under three seasons in length. In that time, he became one of my favorite players. He does virtually everything that you want from your point guard. He can knock down a mid-range jumper, has great court vision, is a crafty play maker, and can rebound and lead the break.

    It is a mystery to me why he is brought up so infrequently in NBA conversations. Perhaps it is because of his lack of flashiness. Miller won't leave you in awe with any light-speed, above the rim finishes, or even behind-the-back passes. But he will constantly display his inspiring fundamentals and an adequate understanding of the game. That's all you can really ask for in a point guard, right? And not to mention that he's one of the most durable players in the league and rarely misses a game.

    Perhaps his second go-around with the Denver Nuggets will provide a little more notoriety despite the fact that he's moving deeper into his 30's and will probably be coming off the bench behind Ty Lawson.

3. Who's the Most Overrated Point Guard in the NBA?

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    I was heavy on the Russell Westbrook bandwagon until the playoffs. However, the postseason exhibited the fact that his point guard DNA might not be completely polished. He doesn't quite possess the basketball IQ of his peers at the same position.

    His understanding of what to do at certain moments in the game needs improvement and until then, he's staying outside of my list of the top five point guards. I'm sure many people still consider him to be in that group, and I still think he's really good, but there is at least five lead guards I'd rather have than him at this moment.

    I have no doubt that he can become a much smarter player and climb higher on the point guard ranks, though.

4. Who's the Most Promising Point Guard in the NBA?

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    John Wall is the almost obvious choice for this one. His game is a blend of Derrick Rose's and Rajon Rondo's as he combines size, speed, and penetration with astonishing play making and more speed. As just a 20-year-old rookie, he was seventh in the league in assists with a little more than eight per game. His other achievements included tying the Washington Wizards' franchise record for steals with nine, becoming the third youngest player to record a triple-double, and becoming only the third player to dish out at least nine assists in his first three games.

    It's nearly inevitable that he will get better considering his unripe age. And improving on what he has already shown is a scary thought for his competition among point guards. He could easily leap into the top-five point guard ranks and stay there for many years starting in this coming season.

5. Who's the Best Point Guard of All-Time?

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    Even if you initially missed his career due to a later birth like myself, it's hard to deny Magic Johnson's stature over every other point guard in league history. He owned the perfect blueprint for a lead guard. Super tall, legendary aptitude to see everything on the floor, vibrant passing, and a supreme joy to play the game.

    Johnson was one of the most unique specimens to ever pick up a basketball. Pair his all-time incomparable ability to run the point with his seemingly limitless amount of memorable moments, and we may never see anyone sniff his resume at his position.

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