NASCAR Drivers as Hollywood Movie Stars

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer INovember 5, 2008

Every weekend, I'm struck by the fact that NASCAR drivers are characters. Each has his own personality and would make a great movie star.

Here are the top 12 Chase for the Championship drivers that have Hollywood character doubles.

12) Denny Hamlin as Larry Daley (Night at the Museum)

Larry Daley is a down on his luck guy, just like Hamlin, who finally gets a job as the night guard at the Museum of Natural History.

Daley discovers that every night the animals and history come to life. The only problem is when he tells people, no one believes him. Likewise, no one believed Hamlin when he denied intentionally bringing out the caution at Richmond in May.

11) Dale Earnhardt Jr. as James Bond

James Bond is one cool guy; if you ask many NASCAR fans, they're going to tell you the same about Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Both have a cool job, Bond a spy and Earnhardt Jr. a race car driver, and good looks. It's no wonder that men want to be them and women want to sleep with them.

Plus, when either one of their names are mentioned, you have peoples' undivided attention.

10) Kyle Busch as Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Darth Vader can take control of half the galaxy and kill you by snapping his fingers. In the same light, Busch took control of NASCAR this year and was thought to have killed everyone's chances for the championship.

But alas, evil and ugly are always defeated.

9) Tony Stewart as Sherman Klump (The Nutty Professor)

Besides their shocking resemblance, both can be "jolly kind hearted" and wildly unpredictable.

There's also something in both of them that makes them say cheeky or insulting things to people.

8) Matt Kenseth as No. 7 (The Benchwarmers)

In the movie Benchwarmers, starring Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder, there's a friendly robot that quietly goes about his business and helps the main characters.

Kenseth's personality is like that of a robot; he goes about his business until the pay window opens. Then, he turns up the heat.

And just like a robot, Kenseth is very reliable and bound to always to be there, barring a part failure.

7) Kevin Harvick as Han Solo (Star Wars)

Both are arrogantly good looking and they know it. Solo thinks he's God's gift to women and Harvick has the "mess with me because I feel like hitting someone" persona.

They are also good at their jobs. Solo joined the Rebel Alliance to fight the Empire and Harvick has a Daytona 500 trophy and is racing for a championship.

6) Clint Bowyer as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

All drivers have split personalities. But, Bowyer is having a hard time controlling his emotions from Saturday to Sunday. When things are going bad, he quickly changes character and looks for a way out or places blame elsewhere.

If Bowyer is going to win the Nationwide Series Championship, he needs to act like a champion. That means not storming away from reporters and locking himself in his motorhome, as he did after finishing sixth at Texas.

5) Jeff Gordon as Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather)

Even though Jimmie Johnson is doing his best to change it, Jeff Gordon is still "The Man."

Gordon is the Godfather of NASCAR. Both are extremely powerful and well respected. They have it all: money and family, and everyone knows who the boss is.

4) Jeff Burton as Spiderman

Just when you think all is lost and the end is near, Spiderman shows up to save the day.

Just like Spidey, Burton showed up in Lowe's victory lane to announce his title contention. He is also the good guy that everyone respects, just as Spiderman is the good guy saving the world.

3) Greg Biffle as Cal Naughton Jr. (Talladega Nights)

Cal is the best friend of Ricky Bobby, who was always winning as Cal sits in the background.

In the same way, Carl Edwards was winning and charging going into the Chase. Then Biffle, just like Cal did, decided it was his turn to win. Biffle won the first two Chase races.

Now "Shake 'n Bake" is Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle as they try to hunt down Jimmie Johnson.

2) Carl Edwards as John McClane (Die Hard Series)

If you ask Jimmie Johnson, he'll probably tell you that Carl Edwards just won't die.

Edwards is making Johnson work to win this year's championship and doing it in the same way that makes McClane a good detective: by kicking a#% and taking names.

Edwards now has eight wins this year and has won two in a row, Atlanta and Texas, to climb within 116 points.

Oh by the way, he's also doing the same thing in the Nationwide Series to catch Clint Bowyer.

Edwards just won't go away. And just like McClane, Edwards is strongly built. That prompted Kyle Busch to say that Edwards was "more juiced than Barry Bonds."

1) Jimmie Johnson as The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzeneggar's Terminator is described as "a seemingly unstoppable cyborg assassin."

To be honest, it appears that Jimmie Johnson has been programmed to win and take all the excitement out of the Chase.

Johnson and the Terminator are indestructible and are hell bent on wiping everyone out. Johnson may as well be half man, half robot.

When things were tough in the beginning of the year, Johnson reassured everyone that he and his team "will be back."

Only now, let a new battle begin: The Terminator vs. John McClane. The final two rounds are set for Phoenix and Homestead.

Who will be defeated?


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