WWE Raw July 25, 2011: Live Coverage, Analysis and Results

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WWE Raw July 25, 2011: Live Coverage, Analysis and Results

So it is an absolutely huge day.  No, it's not because of the start of the "HHH Era" on Raw.  No, it's not because Vince McMahon has removed himself from storylines for the sixth time.  Nope, it's a huge day because the PITTSBURGH PIRATES ARE ON ESPN.

Anyways, since I love my dear readers more than anything else in the world, I am sacrificing watching my beloved Buccos on the Worldwide Leader in Sports in order to cover Raw live for you. 

Will HHH shake-up Raw so it no longer sucks on a weekly basis (unless CM Punk is involved)?  Will someone else blatantly rip-off CM Punk (Randy Orton, I'm looking in your direction)?  Will creative finally come to their senses and realize that NO ONE wants to see women wrestle?  Will John Cena continue to pander to preteens like a pansy?

All these will be answered and more.

If you're really old or just plain stupid, make sure to refresh your browser to get my latest coverage and awesome analysis.

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