Adrian Peterson and 7 NFL Players Who May Ask for a Trade by End of 2011 Season

Kraig LundbergAnalyst IIIJuly 26, 2011

Adrian Peterson and 7 NFL Players Who May Ask for a Trade by End of 2011 Season

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    The NFL lockout is over! Hooray! And now it finally feels like football is just around the corner. But the season will be over before we all know it, and a few high-profile players will already have asked for a trade by then.

    One of those players very well could be Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson has had four incredible seasons with the Vikings, totaling no less than 1,341 yards in a single season and has racked up 52 total touchdowns.

    When his years with the organization are considered, why would the former Oklahoma Sooner want out of Minnesota by the end of 2011? This is the question that must be answered.

    Without further ado, here are seven players, including Peterson, who could want out of their respective organizations after the 2011 season.


Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

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    So, let's answer that question right off the bat. How could Adrian Peterson possibly want out of Minnesota after such a great career with the Vikings?

    2011 doesn't look like it's going to be a very good year for the franchise.

    With the loss of a controversial, mercurial and aging Brett Favre, the Vikings reached for Florida State Seminole Christian Ponder at 12th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. Ponder could be starting right away, but even if he doesn't, Minnesota doesn't have any other legitimate options.

    With four years and 1,198 carries already under his belt, the 6'1", 217-pounder doesn't have as many prime years left as one might think. If the Vikings take a step down this year, Peterson might anticipate an extended downtime for this organization.

    Like most NFL players, Peterson wants to win a Super Bowl. If he doesn't think he can do that with Minnesota, he'll want out. 

Steve Johnson, WR, Buffalo Bills

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    Steve Johnson had a breakout season in 2010, catching 82 passes for 1,073 yards and 10 touchdowns for the Buffalo Bills. Johnson became a favorite target for Buffalo's quarterback, whoever that is.

    Did you get that last part? "Whoever that is?" Seriously, who is Buffalo's quarterback?

    Okay, so Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't that bad, but the fact that I had to look up who the Bills' starter was exemplifies the team's struggles. Buffalo has been a perennial league bottom feeder for years. They haven't had a winning season since 2004, when they went 9-7.

    To be perfectly honest, there doesn't seem to be much relief in  the near future for Bills fans, and Steve Johnson might end up being yet another casualty.

    If Johnson has another strong year with the Bills but the team still continues to struggle as a whole, he may get fed up with the lack of progress and ask for a trade. 

Aaron Ross, CB, New York Giants

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    Aaron Ross showed a lot of promise in his first two seasons in New York, collecting 94 tackles and six interceptions, including two returned for touchdowns. But after an injury-riddled 2009 and the emergence of Terrell Thomas, Ross was relegated to the Giants' second string.

    After New York happily scooped up shutdown cornerback Prince Amukamara at 19th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, Ross got even more competition. If Amukamara impresses as a rookie and Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas continue to have big impacts as the starters, Ross might fear slipping even further down the depth chart.

    Assuming the stud Nebraska rookie is as good as advertised, the Giants' secondary will be overloaded with talent and Ross will be the odd man out. If this happens, expect him to ask for a trade to a team that he can start for.

    Maybe Detroit, Denver, Dallas or Houston would be interested? Just a few ideas. Either way, Ross very well may want out of a Giants uniform after 2011.

Michael Crabtree, WR, San Francisco 49ers

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    Michael Crabtree plays for a 49ers team that is supposedly on the way up under new head coach Jim Harbaugh, but this pick is less about San Francisco's current situation and more about Crabtree.

    The former Texas Tech standout was one of the best wide receiver prospects in distant memory coming out of college, but when the 49ers drafted him and didn't offer him enough money, he held out for half of the season.

    Crabtree's ego is well-documented, and if he doesn't think he is getting what he deserves, he's not afraid to say something.

    This time around, it might revolve around the quarterback situation. Crabtree will be San Francisco's top receiver in 2011, but the quarterback spot is up for grabs. If the 49ers don't get a good signal-caller in free agency, they'll have to rely on Troy Smith or rookie Colin Kaepernick.

    If San Francisco struggles and Crabtree has yet another somewhat sub-par season, he might want to go somewhere he can excel. And with a new coaching staff, who knows how he'll react. Brandon Marshall's situation in Denver comes to mind.

    One way or another, I can see Crabtree wanting out of San Francisco.

Tashard Choice, RB, Dallas Cowboys

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    Tashard Choice's situation in Dallas is quite the conundrum. Despite being the best overall running back on the roster, he is inexplicably overlooked by his own coach, getting just 222 total carries over his three seasons including a measly 66 in 2010.

    Sure, Felix Jones is more explosive and Marion Barber is more powerful. But Jones is injury prone and Barber is aging, while Choice has been a reliable runner in his limited chances and has fumbled just once in three years (which was on a screen pass). All things considered, Choice is the Cowboys' best running back.

    Despite all this, Dallas continues to under-utilize him. If that continues in 2011, expect him to get impatient and ask to be traded to a team that will fully appreciate his value.

Tamba Hali, DE/OLB, Kansas City Chiefs

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    Tamba Hali had a breakout season in 2011, racking up 51 tackles, 14.5 sacks and four forced fumbles for the surprising 10-win Kansas City Chiefs.

    So why would he want out of a team that he's seen success with and is seemingly on the rise?

    Unfortunately for Hali, Kansas City might take a step or two back in 2011. The Chiefs' 2010 success was due in large part to a very manageable schedule, and towards the end of the year they started showing signs that they weren't as good as their record indicated. The 30-7 playoff loss to Baltimore was a perfect example.

    Quarterback Matt Cassel is likely not as good as originally advertised, and considering the amount of money the team has invested in the former New England back-up, the ship may sink or float according to his play.

    If the Chiefs's recent rise proves to be a farce and the franchise starts sinking back down, Hali may want out. It's hard to imagine the Chiefs struggling too much with all the young talent they possess around Cassel, but if they do, expect Hali to want no part of a potentially digressing organization.

    This pick is less likely than some of the others, but it's not impossible. 

DeAngelo Hall, CB, Washington Redskins

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    This pick, too, is based on hunch (as most of these are), but there's good reason to consider that DeAngelo Hall might want out of Washington D.C. by the end of this coming season.

    The Redskins are looking more and more like 2011's version of the Carolina Panthers, and if they don't make a lot of solid additions via free agency, there may be no way around that.

    Washington doesn't have much proven talent at many positions, but the most notable question mark is at the all-important quarterback position. No one can expect Rex Grossman to get the job done if he even comes back at all, and seriously, who's ever heard of John Beck?

    On top of that, owner Daniel Snyder has a dubious history with free agents, among many other things. The most recent example is the $100 million signing of Albert Haynesworth, who has played a grand total of 20 games in two years for the Redskins and looks to be on his way out after being more detrimental than beneficial.

    When all of the Redskins' problems are highlighted, it makes you wonder, "Who would want to play for them?"

    Something tells me that DeAngelo Hall, who hasn't played with any one team for more than four years and will be entering his fourth year with Washington, will be one that doesn't want any part of them after 2011.