The Wrestling Recap: RAW

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 5, 2008

Tonight's is the (to be honest) 806 episode of RAW and we're in Tampa, Florida.

Orton Segment:

Randy Orton starts of Raw and is demanding that Shane and Stephanie McMahon come out to the ring and address Mike Admale general manager position. Randy doesn't seem to be leaving and even takes a seat at ringside.

The Hardy Boyz vs. MVP and Brain Kendrick:

- MVP and Jeff begin the match and have a nice back and forth with a couple of two counts before Jeff tags in his brother. Matt gets some quick offense on MVP for going back to tag Jeff. After missing A couple of big moves Hardy gives MVP the opening he needs to get a tag to Kendrick.

Kendrick and Hardy go at for a few minutes until Jeff hits a suplex and gets a hot tag to Matt as Brian gets a tag to MVP. Matt nails a high risk move and nearly had the match won until Kendrick broke up the count. MVP goes for the tag, but the referee didn't catch it and ordered Kendrick out.

Jeff nails the Swanton Bomb while the referee is trying to get Kendrick out and Matt gets the pin fall.


Battle Royal for the #1 Contender ship of the Intercontinental Title:

-Team Priceless double teams Snitsky and send him packing early and in a shocking turn of events Ted eliminates his partners Cody and Manu.  Regal and Noble brawl on the outside until Noble gets eliminated. Regal waits on the outside.

DiBease is double teamed by Cryme Tyme, but DiBease manages to get the better of them and eliminate both of them. Regal sneaks back in the ring and eliminated DiBease for the win.  William Regal gets a Intercontinental Championship Match next week on RAW.


Orton Segment:

Randy is back in the ring and says that he wants Stephanie and Shane to come out and address this "issue". Shane comes out and both begin to argue back and forth before Mike Adamle makes his way to the ring and says he is resigning his General Manager position in a surprisingly emotional speech by Adamle.

Orton and Shane get in each other’s face again and Orton says he is waiting on Survivor Series so he can get back in the ring, but Shane put him in a match tonight with CM Punk after he revealed that Orton had been cleared to wrestle for weeks.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Bret "The Hitman" Haas:

The bell rings. Hass attempts to get some offense on Kozlov, but gets drilled to the mat early but the Russian's powerful "Battering Ram".


John Morrison and The Miz vs. Degeneration X:

We start things off with HHH and John Morrison in the ring and Morrison is working on Triple H's shoulder.  Both men make a quick tag to their partners and know we have HBK and The MIz facing off. HBK does his signature moves to The Miz before going to the top rope  and landing his elbow drop. He attempts a Super Kick, but Morrison gets the distraction. Michaels walks into a big clothesline by The Miz.

The Miz goes for a couple more clotheslines before tagging in Morrison. Michaels goes for a kick but Morrison catches it and slaps the crap out of HBK. Micheals gives John a kick to the head for his troubles. HHH is back in and is landing rights and lefts on John Morrison and then goes for his face buster.

 Triple H attempts a pedigree but The Miz jumps in and walks right into a spine buster saving his partner. Morrison lands his kick of the middle rope for a two count on "The Game" thanks to the other half of DX. Morrison, now frustrated, throws HBK to the floor as he prepares to super kick HHH. Morrison lands the kick and now The Dirt Sheet is mocking DX with their own crotch chops.

The Miz is now in and is setting up a Pedigree on Triple H, but gets tossed over head . Triple H sends Morrison to the floor as HBK makes his way back in and lands Sweet Chin Music on The Miz as he turns right into a Pedigree for the 3 count. DX wins.

16 Women Tag Team Match:

All the Divas in for this one. Including Hall of Famer Mae Young. We start off with Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool and this is just a horrible mess. McCool tags in Mae Young. I'm sorry but at 85 she may need to hang up the boots. Beth gets the win for her team with a  roll up on Mae Young.

Cm Punk vs. Randy Orton:

Orton works on Punk's legs early on as Punk trys to keep moving to throw the 3rd generation superstar off his balance. Side headlock by Randy as the go off the ropes. Punk fights out and the two trade blows back and forth. Punk throws Orton in the corner and lands the high knee and goes for the bulldog but Orton scouts it and counters. Orton goes to town on Cm Punk just beating on the guy as he gets ready for the RKO and then we see Ted DiBease run in and jump all over Punk. Orton punts DiBease's head off. Cm Punk wins by DQ.


JBL vs. The Undertaker:

They go at it and hit all of their big moves early on. Taker gets the Old School on JBL. Bradshaw fights back and his a clothesline that came out of thin air. Taker fights his way back up and lands a huge chock slam on JBL. Just as Taker goes for the Tombstone he ducks and runs to the outside. He gets himself counted out. HBK runs out and throws JBL back into the ring as Taker Tombstones JBL.


Kane & Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston:

Kane and Henry take turns beating on Mysterio in the early on. Rey gets out of harm’s way as he tags in Kofi. Kingston too gets over powered by Henry. Kofi goes for a high risk move, but gets caught by Henry. Henry slams Kofi down for the "World's Strongest Slam" for the three.

Steel Cage Match:

Batista dominates in the early on as Jericho spends a majority of the match trying to escape the cage. Batista gets several two counts and throws Jericho into the cage. Batista continues to dominate as RAW goes to commercial.

Jericho is in control as RAW returns and has Batista in the walls of Jericho.  Y2J trys to sneak out the door but the Champion is having nothing of it and pulls Jericho back in.  Jericho works over Batista's knee. Chris goes for the Code Breaker, but gets blocked. Batista also goes for his move, the spear, but gets nothing but turnbuckle. Jericho attempts to climb the cage but gets caught by "The Animal" who is standing in the doorway.

Batista gets the spine buster on Jericho. Now both men are on the top turnbuckle. Batista is attempting to power bomb Jericho from there.

Chris fins a metal object and nails Batista with it several times. Y2J then climbs over, but the Champion grabs him by his throat just as he is about to win. Jericho kicks him in the knee through the cage several times until he release his grip and Jericho falls to the floor and wins the match and the World Heavyweight Championship.