Browns Bench Anderson For Quinn!

Joseph Bosa@@BOldigesCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

     November 5th 2008, rumors and gossip spread around the NFL about the wowing Cleveland Browns, 3-5, and there struggling offense.  The biggest headline is the fact that former pro bowl quarterback Derek Anderson is benched in favor of former Notre Dame, and 2007 1st round selection, Brady Quinn.  The decision to bench Anderson was made final on Monday, November 3rd. The Cleveland Browns offense has struggled all year long with the only exception being the routing of the New York Giants in week 6 of the regular season. One Year ago The Browns offense was one of the powerhouses in the NFL, ranked an astonishing 8th, lead by major sleeper quarterback of the year Derek Anderson (3787, yard and 29 touchdowns) and his awesome complement Braylon Edwards (1289 yards, and 16 touchdowns). This year it really is another story, the Browns rank 28th in total offense and Edwards has really struggled with his league leading 14 dropped passes. Jamal Lewis has struggled running the ball and Anderson has been flat out embarrassing at times. Towards the end of last year we could see sign's of regression in his passing skill's especially throwing 4 picks to the Cincinnati Bengal's and essentially knocking them out of the playoff hunt. This year he started out flat out well, flat! He was pretty much awful and looked like he was on his way to being benched, but then he exploded against the defending super bowl champs for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. He looked to have saved his job, that is until this past week when the Brows lead the Baltimore Ravens by fourteen with 6 minuted to go in the 3rd quarter. The Browns defense allowed the ravens to get back in the game and tie it.  In mid fourth quarter the Browns were driving down the  field with relative ease when "DA" throws one of the most embarrassing interceptions that I have ever witness in my entire career. A short screen pass that was easily picked of by oncoming Ravens linebacker Terrell Sugg's. It's okay though right, only down seven. The Browns get the ball and begin driving. They start to falter, they get held to a fourth down play and what happens? "DA" throws yet another terrible throw over the head of any receiver and out of bounds. I really don't know what exactly happened people but this was his downfall. I think that this change is the better of all of the team and I look forward to seeing Brady Quinn, hopefully, light up a pours Broncos secondary. I think Romeo Crennel took the right initiative in made a decision that will benefit everyone who is part of the Browns organization. Finally we get to see something that we have had to wait almost an entire year to see. We wish the young Quinn the best of luck and hope he gives Browns fan's something to smile about.