What Ever Happened To Poor Paul London

Legendary XContributor INovember 5, 2008

So answer this.What ever did happen to Paul London? Brian Kendrick,Paul London's former abandon has been becoming a big star lately in the WWE. The Last time I saw him was in Live Smackdown in late Summer 2007!!!Man I miss him.So Anyway Brian Kendrick used to be Paul London's tag team partner and always coming out in co-oleo outfits from Lime green and Pink to blue and white.But apparently its gone.The Ringsliding is gone.Our best Tag Team Champions.Gone.

I think its bad for Paul London to leave Brian Kendrick or let me rephrase that.Paul London getting abandoned by the so called"New Shawn Michaels". Incredible.The Fans loved Paul London!!!!!Where is he!!!I also used to love Brian Kendrick until he totally left Paul London.They are the stars of Smackdown.Well used to be.

So,next time you are all bored ask your self this: