Miami-Seattle: Dolphins Must Stop the Run

Paul Smythe@PaulDSmytheCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

The Seattle Seahawks (2-6) are heading into Miami to play the Dolphins (4-4) Sunday.

Miami should win with relative ease as long as they are able to stop Seattle running back Julius Jones. Seattle really has no other strengths on offense and they have the worst passing yardage in the NFL.

The Seahawks aren't even sure who their quarterback will be this week because starter Matt Hasselbeck is injured and may not play. That would force backup quarterback Seneca Wallace to play in his place for the fourth consecutive week.

On offense, Miami should be able to find plenty of opportunities passing the ball. Seattle's passing defense is ranked 31st in yards allowed, whereas Miami's passing offense is the sixth best in total yards gained. So, expect Pennington to get at least 300 yards passing.

It should also be pretty easy for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams to run the ball. The Seahawks allow, on average, 115 yards per game, and with Miami's potent running offense, they should be able to break 150 yards.

As I said earlier, Julius Jones poses the only real threat to the Dolphins' defense. Miami is very good at stopping the run, so I don't see a huge problem there, because if Jones is able to break the line, Dolphins' linebacker Joey Porter should be able to stop him.

The Dolphins are coming off of two big wins in a row. Look for them to continue to win against Seattle and also Oakland next week.


Final Score Prediction

Miami 27, Seattle 6