Stoops Rises To New Heights; Carroll Shows Integrity

Brad JamesCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

I have long been a BIG XII fan and am pleased that they are among the best conferences in college football, but my appreciation for Oklahoma (which as a Longhorns fan is interesting in and of itself) has increased exponentially and Bob Stoops' repentance is why.

The former defensive coordinator under Steve Spurrier at Florida, has won 82 percent of his games as coach of the Sooners but before today, I despised him because for one thing he was a Sooner, while he also eschewed talk of a playoff.

Well, things have changed considerably for the patriarch of Sooner football. At a Tuesday press conference at Norman, Okla., Stoops said he has come "full circle" concerning his attitude toward a playoff and believes one is expedient for the progression of college football. This is excellent, but that's not all.

In Los Angeles, USC coach Pete Carroll shared Stoops' sentiments in nearly every particular so this to me is progress. Perhaps if Joe Paterno is jammed again, the outcry will be so intense that finally the college presidents will acquiesce to what everybody wants.

The Berlin Wall of Division I collegiate football has been up long enough, so to quote Ronald Reagan (who my parents say was an excellent president, I enjoy listening to his son Michael on the radio) "college presidents, tear down your wall." We Latter-Day Saints have a saying which states that by "small and simple things, great things are brought to pass."

It may seem insignificant that Carroll and Stoops are playoff proselytes, but if the momentum percolates (and assuredly it will), we could have a playoff sooner than we could have hoped for.