Goodbye DeAngelo: Raiders To Cut Cornerback Hall

greg pitschSenior Analyst INovember 5, 2008

In the last few years, it seems that players come to Oakland just to get paid. For DeAngelo Hall, he was no exception. Hall was supposed to come in and provide Nnamdi Asomugha a good offside cover-corner, but instead he has become the exploit of the opposing offense.

In his eight games for the Oakland Raiders, Hall has been attacked over and over again. He has yet to shutdown a number two wide receiver, so that the QB will be forced to throw towards Nnamdi. He has three interceptions, which is decent, but with that he has given up a lot of big plays.

It has been made public that the Raiders intend to waive him from the squad, and cut their ties with the once hopeful Raider. But that will leave a void in our secondary, makiong us start Stanford Routt, who has shown a few glimpses of success. Routt will be a good corner, and this his chance to show the league why he is still in silver and black.

The Raiders would be ill-advised to completely waive the contract of Hall, unless there is no trade possibilities open. To my understanding Dallas is in dire need of a cornerback, and might be willing to give a second or third round pick for him. Possibly even more than that if they are desperate for his help. The Packers could also use him, being that Al Harris is done for the season, and the Patriots, always like to take our misfits, and turn them into stars.

So my message to the team I love is to at least try to get something for him; if nothing is available, then make him sit on the bench, and use him as trade bait before the draft. I am also wondering if this is a Tom Cable's decision, or if Davis is just fed up with paying for losers to just show up. We can find better talent coming out of the University of North Texas.