Is Anquan Boldin Really That Important to the Arizona Cardinals?

Shane House@sghcantcopyAnalyst INovember 5, 2008

The Arizona Cardinals passing game is amazing to say the least. They have a resurging quarterback in Kurt Warner, with the still potential star Matt Leinart waiting in the wings. Larry Fitzgerald is easily capable of being the No. 1 receiver  and with Steve Breaston and Early Doucet showing major potential, why do we need Anquan Boldin?

I know he is a Pro Bowl receiver that is able to catch anything that is thrown to him. He is an exceptional talent that is easily one of the top five possession receivers in the league. He holds the record for being the fastest person to catch 450 receptions, doing it in 74 games.

He is even capable of achieving Hall of Fame status, if he is able to achieve some playoff success. So why the hell would we trade a guy with this caliber?


The Cardinals' strongest position is wide receiver. It is obvious that Steve Breaston is capable of doing very well in the No. 2 receiving spot and at a cheaper price. Not to mention, Early Doucet and Jerheme Urban both possess the potential to be very solid third and fourth wide receivers, respectively.

The Cardinals are able to plug a wide receiver into this system and make them be successful.

To add onto this is the fact that this summer, there were talks of trading Boldin to a better team. Could you imagine what we could get for him?

Easily a first round pick, with another pick thrown in. I mean, why keep a guy who is looking for a way out when we got players who are more than capable of taking his place and like being here.

You will have to ask Ken Whisenhunt that question.

I personally believe that this team would benefit more from trading Boldin than actually having him in their lineup. In order to take that next step, as a team, you have to have a more balanced attack. Whether it being on offense or defence, if you rely too much on one part, then you can’t adapt if there are any problems.

Sometimes in life, in order to take two steps forward, you need to take a step back. And if the Cardinals were to trade Anquan Boldin, they would be taking that step back. But what we get in return for him will be the two steps forward that the Cardinals need to become a playoff contender for years to come.