Any Pro Bowlers?

chris klinknerSenior Writer INovember 5, 2008

At the halfway mark in the Eagles season, they again, stand at 5-3— not all that bad. Give us 6-3 and well we can officially start thinking playoffs, division title, and maybe the Lombardi.

Not a bad way to follow the Phillies run.

But I am getting way ahead of myself, especially with a team that loves to tease us.

When you look at the team that has put together the 5-3 record, how many Pro Bowlers do we see on the Eagles this year. Yeah, it's still early, but by this point of the season the stats should paint a pretty clear picture.

On the offense I would have McNabb finally making a return trip to the Pro Bowl (No.3 ranked QB in the NFC). And well, that would be it on offense, unless Westbrook can put together one hell of a second half. The injuries suffered by B-West have limited his numbers, though he does currently stand No.2 in the NFL in total TDs.

On to the defense, I am only seeing one player making the trip to Hawaii—Asante Samuel. Patterson, Parker, Gaither, or Mikell could also make the trip, no doubt, but again a strong 2nd half will be needed.

So does the fact that the Eagles only carry maybe 2 Pro Bowlers make their run to a 5-3 record all that more impressive? Or better yet, does the record mean that Reid is doing one hell of a coaching job with a lot of average talent? Or maybe it's that the Eagles are kinda like our Phillies and are a true team, they win together with everyone contributing.

I am hoping it's the later!