Arena Football League's Rookie Class Of 2008

Alice MeikleCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2008

The Arena Football League is set to begin its 2008 season with the commencement of training camp in ten days. 

The league has instituted a significant rule change, allowing the Jack linebacker to roam from sideline to sideline within five yards of the line of scrimmage once play begins. 

In the past, the “Box Rule” prevented the Jack Linebacker from leaving an imaginary box behind the line of scrimmage, until the ball was thrown by the quarterback. 

With that being said, the AFL teams will welcome the Rookie Class of 2008. 

The off-season recruiting process was extremely challenging for coaches and general managers, as the supply of talent more than doubled the demand with NFLE folding late last year. 

Players who are given the opportunity to play for the first time with the AFL were hand picked from a pool of extraordinary talent. As the season gets underway and the teams release their final roster, there will most likely be a familiar name and face from either the AF2, CFL, NFLE and even the NFL that fans will know.

The Arena Football developmental league, AF2, had a great pool of talented athletes last season, some of whom have made the move up to the AFL. With the Tulsa Talons and Green Bay Blizzard sending some ten or more players collectively to the AFL for the 2008 season. 

Over the next week or so, I will be profiling a number of these players, giving you and insight into the road which led them to the AFL. 

Stay tuned.