Georgia Bulldogs Football: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawgAnalyst INovember 5, 2008

Preseason No. 1 in the Nation!

Seems like just yesterday doesn't it?

The talk of the schedule being tough talk began immediately. One loss for sure, maybe even two. Some talked of three or four losses.

I laughed and scoffed at those predictions.

College football is a funny game.

Just ask Oklahoma, or Texas. Ask Ohio State how fast things can change.

So here we sit in Nov. to see how the Bulldog mind-set must now change for a few weeks.

We will not be playing in the SEC Championship game. There will be no National Championship game. No trip to Miami, or most likely New Orleans.

There will be a bowl game. We will smile and cheer on our Dawgs. But will we look back on this year and wonder, what if?

So here is my take on where the Dawgs have been, and where they are heading in the future.


A Look Back

The Alabama game at home was one of the worst moments that I have experienced as a Georgia fan. What happened that day in Athens is hard to explain.

Bama came to play and the Dawgs got caught watching.

The team did seem to respond to that butt-whuppin', looking forward to hitting their stride as the Florida week approached.

The LSU game was a great example of what we can do on offense when everything clicks.

I wish I could tell you a good reason why Georgia got pasted by the Gators.

I do know this:

1) Florida and its defense was much improved, as many of my Gator friends had warned.

2) Georgia moved the ball pretty well in the first half, but came up with no touchdowns, and only one FG. Our play calling and execution in the red zone left a lot to be desired. Plenty of blame to go around there.

3) An on-side kick? Are you kidding me? I love Mark Richt as a head coach, but he blew it here. Giving the ball to Florida at our 40-yard line was the turning point to me.

Missed opportunities.

Give Florida credit. They came to play. They took advantage of our mistakes, and made us pay for them time after time.

Time to adjust your goals, boys!

A Look Ahead

So Kentucky awaits, followed by a trip to Auburn, and then a Thanksgiving weekend matchup with Georgia Tech at home.

Georgia should take care of Kentucky this weekend. Any trip to Auburn can be dicey, but this year should be the year the Dawgs take their third straight from Tub and the Tigers.

Georgia Tech could be interesting. The Jackets are playing well, though the Dawgs have won seven straight. I see the eighth victory coming soon.

So the Dawgs may very well win these last three games and finish the season at 10-2.

Sounds like a great season huh?

Of course, we all now the truth: While 10-2 is indeed a great record, it will not equate into a great season this year.

Georgia was prepared for so much more.  Unfortunately, they were not prepared nearly enough.


Many questions will need to be answered before the Dawgs get another shot at a title run.

Will Matthew Stafford return for his senior season?

Will Knowshon Moreno return?

Will Coach Richt make changes to his staff and replace Defensive coordinator, Willie Martinez, and/or Offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo?

It is obvious the talent is here in Athens. I have no doubt that Coach Richt is the man to lead Georgia. But until we can consistently beat Florida and make a legitimate run at a National Championship, there will be questions about the program.

Despite the bumps in the road this year, it is still great to be a Georgia fan.

So don't get down Dawg let's go kick some Wildcat tail!




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