Twins: Ballsy Calls for 2008

Matt KasperCorrespondent IIJanuary 27, 2008

Santana will start the season with the Twins.

Fransico Liriano will have 17+ wins.

Joe Mauer will bat over .320 and have 18+ HRs.

Justin Morneau will bat over .300 and have 40+ HRs.

Jason Pridie will be the starting CF and have a surprisingly good rookie season. (.280/.370/.430)

Jason Kubel will be the everyday DH and bat over .300 and have an OPS of over .800

BOOF! Bonser will come back strong after a disappointing 2007, pitch better than .500 and have over 175 Ks.

Joe Nathan gets traded near the trade deadline for a young infielder (SS or 3B) and an A-level prospect. Neshek takes over as closer and does just as well.

The Twins end up winning 94 games and take the wild card over the Yankees and Tigers, both who struggle with age and injuries to their offense, and with pitching staffs that are very average.

Feel free to add your own.