Martin Brodeur's Injury: We Should Have Seen It Coming

Ryan Senior Writer INovember 5, 2008

Martin Brodeur, the future Hall-of-Fame goaltender for the New Jersey Devils, recently went down with an injury that will put him out of action for up to four months.

Marty has been durable for the duration of his career, so this comes as a surprise for most.  With him approaching the career record for wins, held currently by Quebec legend Patrick Roy, his injury should come as no surprise.

The hockey community here at B/R has come into possession of a letter sent to Brodeur from Roy earlier this season that may take the surprise out of Brodeur's injury:


Dear Marty,

Patty Roy here. I know that you are coming up to my records.  I can't have this. Do you know of my legendary status here in Quebec? Do you know what this means to me?  You are compromising all of this.

Normally, when someone challenge me, I just make a funny comment and they go away—just ask Jeremy Roenick. You think he still hear my comment about having my Stanley Cup rings in my ear?

But I can't say these thing to you, Marty. You have three Stanley Cup rings. You are a great goalie. If I put a Cup ring in my ear, you can do the same, so then it is not funny. So what is a man to do?

Thankfully, I have my son Jonathan to do my dirty work.  He is not like 'is fadder. Jonathan, he don't stop the puck so good, so he fight. He fight when other team goalie is not looking. Then he give the finger to the crowd. He make his fadder very proud.

So I warn you Marty: stop winning.  Or Jonathan will pay a visit. And you will feel the wrath of..

St. Patrick