We really need to get off our collective Arse

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We really need to get off our collective Arse
It's been the toughest week for me personally being a Gooner. And it has taken it's toll. I avoided all the shite that would have been flying about following the two 'defeats' in a row. Yes I do, (and most of you will agree) consider the Totscum result a defeat.

The thing I was thinking about prior to these games was whether we had the bottle to compete for the title this season. While those credentials are at best 'questionable', I think another issue has to be addressed as well. The players, and their quality.

We all knew the average age of the squad. Yet we did know that they were a bit more experienced than their age betrayed. But as we have discovered in our last two displays, we lack the leadership and the steel to really put up a strong challenge. Are the players good enough? Earlier on in this season and in posts like this one here, I had reposed faith in this 'young squad', albeit maybe with the addition of proven or quality DM.

I must admit however that I was wrong. Man for man we do not measure up to the so called rest of the 'big four'. As each team proves the depth of their squad, we come out looking sheepishly miserly in that department. I'm not calling for wholesale changes, but some players in the squad are just not going to cut it at the highest level. Will not name players right now, because I think each is as woeful as the other and should take responsibility for the goings on last week. Wenger really needs to get that cheque book out in January, and splash the cash, we are short in plenty of spots on the pitch , and that needs to be plugged, heck it's almost a gaping hole!

Can't even imagine how it would've been at the those who were at the Grove , after the Scum went a goal up so early on with that 'Bent' shite-kicker, us going two clear and then the Scum coming level with nothing on the clock. Aargh!

It was an absolutely shattering result against Tottenham. Leading by two goals and chucking it all away against the sworn enemy. I know i said that anything could happen in these sorts of derbies, but heck that was downright unacceptable. That's the word for it unacceptable. And then when we expected a propah result against Stoke, well it was such an insipid display and a most damaging loss.We expected a result and we absolutely needed one, everyone concerned at Arsenal FC needed one. But then we all know what happened. Well, I have never experienced something of this proportion in all of my time being an Arsenal fan.

Than in itself has to sum it up for all of us doesn't it. After 'losing' up in midweek to the Scum the team should have been so riled up and up for it that they absolutely kicked the shit out of Stoke. So where is the leadership, the steel that we so desperately need. And we are not great in the quality department as well, not by any stretch of the imagination.

We need some proven quality, and some real steel and leadership if we are going to remain in the top 4 this season. Will Wneger do what is needed? I mean he has said the stuff we'd expect him to say, but will anything be done about it. I understand that he can't buy anyone now, but that is his problem, no one elses.

We have really tripped up at the start of the season, we've dropped points against teams we would expect to beat. We are capable of beating a few teams on our day, granted, but consistency is what we suffer from, and that comes with determination and real quality. I could be totally wrong and the boys could really whip everyone in front of them, from here on in! Oh please let that be it!

We play Fenerbahce today in CL action, a chance for Wenger to set some records straight and get the most disbelieving of us back on his side. A very capricious, thinking aloud type of post today, but that's exactly how I feel. And this post is absolutely last minute as well.

It's a 19.30 kickoff at the Grove tonight and that's 01.00 in India and it's live on Zee Sports. The players will have to get themselves up and deliver for the their coach, their fellow players, and for the undying fans!

Stand up you gunners!!! Come on ...The Arsenal!!
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