Steelers Make Roster Move, Fans Rejoice!

Justin ZuckerCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

This may seem mean, petty, and completely disrespectful but I can't contain myself.  On a day where our nation ushers in a new legacy, my thoughts and prayers seem answered by a higher power.  That's right, the Steelers have made a move and I couldn't be happier.  I am hoping that some of you agree.

The Steelers have released their punter, Mitch Berger, and signed Paul Ernster to take over the duties. 

For any of you that have watched the last two games you must understand my excitement.  Watching a punter hobble around the field and wince every time he lifts his leg is excruciating.  The only thing more excruciating is watching punts of 27, 32, and 35 yards versus the Redskins.  Oh, and seeing him wince.

There is just something intolerable about watching a kicker or punter wince when they kick.  Call me insensitive but I dare you to disagree.

And this does matter.  If the Steelers are going to rely heavily on their defense, and it appears they will, field position means everything.  They can't afford the wincing.

Thank goodness we can move on to more important topics.