Vee's Spot: Disappointed in Los Angeles

Clublakers.comAnalyst IJanuary 27, 2008

The Los Angeles Lakers started the game fairly well against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite the rain outside AND inside of Staples Center, the half started out pretty well. First quarter went better than the second, and the Lakers ended the half at 40-49.

Like the recent games, it was made to believe that the 3rd quarter would tell all, however, for this Sunday afternoon game, this wasn’t the case.

The 3rd quarter went rather smoothly. Kobe Bryant and his teammates showed up and ended the quarter scoring 31 points over the Cavs 20.

Surprisingly enough, Bryant and Derek Fisher had no 3-point shots, leaving 3-point attempts only to Sasha Vujacic (1-1) and Jordan Farmar (2-2), neither of who were in the game for the final 3-point shot for the tie.

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