WWE News: John Morrison's Return and Why You Shouldn't Care

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2011

The last time I dedicated a full body of work to John Morrison, it was in the form of a diary series chronicling what appeared to be a major de-emphasis stemming from Morrison's antics towards Trish Stratus during WrestleMania season. 

The series was met with a non-finish when Morrison suffered an unfortunate neck injury that has since sidelined the high flying superstar for months. 

If you watched RAW this past Monday, you may or may not be happy to know that Morrison is on his way back, in a return that will likely culminate with a match against the always-entertaining R-Truth who was (kayfabe) responsible for putting Morrison out of action. 

Morrison's impending return, while a necessity for a RAW roster lacking babyface depth, should be met with cynicism.  After a late career revitalization on the strength of his ire for the figurative Lil' Jimmy, R-Truth is now on his way back down to the midcard where he has spent most of his WWE career. 

The charismatic R-Truth is now set to fall further down the ladder by putting over John Morrison, albeit on the grand stage of SummerSlam in Los Angeles. 

Although the move will make sense, once the WWE sacrifices the relevance of one of their few genuinely entertaining acts, they will soon be painfully reminded that John Morrison will only go so far given his debilitating lack of charisma.

Whether purists want to admit it or not, professional wrestling, namely WWE, has always been more about entertainment than sport.

The athletic spectacle is certainly what people pay to see, however mass audiences will not fork over cash to sit through a "rasslin'" match with no story or emotional connection behind it.

The Miz, who has become one of the few successes in WWE's youth movement, is 80 percent "entertainment" and 20 percent wrestling.  Yet he has managed to become one of the fastest rising stars in WWE not to mention a former WWE Champion. 

Talking people into a building is something John Morrison has not even come close to doing throughout his almost decade-long career.  Along with a lack of oratorical skill, Morrison is also devoid of the natural charisma one must have to stand out as one of the top WWE superstars in a sea of characters. 

Such raw charisma allowed Jeff Hardy to become a world champion, although due to his own shortcomings on the mic, he had to wait for quite some time before finally getting the proverbial ball. 

Morrison's return will be celebrated upon its inception before he falls into the same cycle of receiving a modest push only to hit a wall when given the opportunity to cut a big-time promo and show that he has "it", which may as well be what the nameless WWE acronym stands for.

Morrison's wrestling abilities even come into question when it comes to his potential as a future main eventer.  While Morrison is indeed a scintillating performer, many of his maneuvers have come under criticism from high-ranking officials as too coordinated, rendering him more of a stunt man that a wrestler. 

Given his lame-duck charisma, perhaps a stunt double would be more accurate of a description. 

While Morrison by no means has main event written all over him, there is hope yet for the parkour performer.  Few exceptions to the rule have made it all the way to the top in the WWE, as some uncharismatic and underwhelming talkers have enjoyed the distinction of being a world champion. 

Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, and the aforementioned Jeff Hardy were all eventually crowned WWE or World champion in spite of Morrison-like shortcomings.  But what do these three legendary superstars have in common?  They all had to wait. 

WWE rewards charisma early and often.  Alberto Del Rio has charisma to give away, and while his seemingly inevitable run as world champion gets pushed back more than a Jeff Hardy sentencing date, his day is coming. 

It's worth noting that Alberto Del Rio has been an active performer on WWE's main roster for just over one year.

Brock Lesnar, also chock filled with charisma, seemed to become the WWE Champion before he even got his second foot in the door.  Once the WWE decided to take glorified showman Miz seriously, it didn't take long before he got a run with the strap.  

There's no question that Bret Hart and Chris Benoit were great wrestlers, however since they lacked the charisma necessary to put heat on a major championship with their mouths, they had to wait until the Hulk Hogans, Randy Savages, Ultimate Warriors, and Booker T's of the world got their run before their respective promotions rewarded their efforts with a "lifetime achievement" championship victory.  

Bret didn't get a serious run until Hulk Hogan was long gone, while Chris Benoit finally became WCW Champion once the company was on the precipice of a collapse and was trying to court him to stay. 

It's worth mentioning that Benoit later became a World Champion in WWE, but that too was treated as a lifetime achievement award as Benoit's transitional run ended once the talented upstart Randy Orton was ready to take it off of him.  

All is not lost for the uncharismatic and uninspiring John Morrison, he just has to wait.  Don't be fooled by the fanfare, a return now means nothing in terms of being a player in WWE's Championship landscape. 

It's remaining with the company 5-10 years down the line that will really pay off for Morrison, as maybe then the higher ups can reward him with a "gold watch" run as the lifetime achievement WWE Champion.  

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