Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah: A Super Embarrassment

Jody WagnerContributor IJuly 23, 2011

Judah is down for the count.
Judah is down for the count.Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Saturday night's fight had me pumped up.  I'm always excited to see a good boxing match.  Tonight's big fight was "Super" Zab Judah vs. Amir "King" Kong.

Jim Lampley, Emanuel Steward and Max Kellerman (Blah! Where's Larry Merchant?) called the fight.

Zab Judah came to the ring with a very boring song that I've never heard before, sounding almost spiritual.  I was pulling for Judah before this entry.  Judah may have put himself to sleep with this entry because he never showed up for the fight. This entry almost made me want to pull for Khan. 

Somebody should be watching the Klitschko fights out of Germany.  They know how to pump a fight up.  Boxing needs more WWE and less old school just-walk-to-the-ring attitude.


Round 1

Thirty seconds into the fight, Kellerman said the difference so far has been Khan's jab.  He hadn't landed it clean yet!  Khan landed more shots in the round than Judah, but Judah landed a left hand that shook Khan good.  It was Khan's round though.

Khan, 10-9.

Overall: Khan 10, Judah 9


Round 2

Lampley said Khan dominated Round 2.  How?  Neither fighter landed much at all!  I'll give it to Khan because Judah barely threw anything.

Khan, 10-9.

Overall: Khan 20, Judah 18


Round 3

Khan landed more, but up to this point, it was a boring fight.  Neither fighter landed much.  Khan threw about twice as much as Judah and that's what won him the early rounds.  Khan didn't look impressive at all.  Don't let the announcers fool you, who post-fight, said he did.

Khan, 10-9.

Overall: Khan 30, Judah 27


Round 4

At this point, Lampley was starting to fade.  He said, "Good right hand by Khan!" when it was clearly blocked by Judah.  Lampley has been doing this a lot lately in recent fights.  He'll say a punch landed, that didn't.  He'll say a left landed, when it was a right.  He'll say a hook landed, when it was a jab. Neither fighter landed a lot of either this round, but Khan got the round.

Khan, 10-9.

Overall: Khan 40, Judah 36


Round 5

Khan dominated Judah this round up until he hit Judah kind of low.  Judah went down claiming a low blow.  The referee counted him out and Judah got up screaming.  Judah was looking for a way out.  He didn't show up to fight.  Judah should retire.


This was the worst fight I've seen in a long time.  I'll think twice before watching another Judah fight. Judah quit, Khan looked less than impressive also.  Lampley was off, Kellerman was off, the whole thing was an embarrassment.



 I just wanted to say that I watched ESPN a few days leading up to the fight and didn't hear anything about the fight.  I watched ESPNews for a while in the hour leading up to the fight and they had less than 30 seconds of coverage of the fight, basically just a quick mention that the fight was going to start in a few minutes. 

ESPN also didn't mention anything about the two undefeated heavyweights going at it: Tyson Fury vs. Dereck Chisora.  Fury won a unanimous decision over Chisora.

Anytime ESPN or anyone asks about boxing going downhill, they need to look at ESPN.  They do NOT report much on boxing, or even talk about boxing much, unless it's on ESPN.  ESPN is the biggest reason why boxing doesn't get the coverage it deserves.

ESPN puts on poker tournaments, spelling bees, hot dog eating contests and I've even seen a Scrabble tourney on the guide for ESPN before.  They barely cover boxing.  It's ridiculous and they should be embarrassed.