Brian Burke: Top of the NHL Trade Chain and Excitement but Still Undervalued

Darcy FullerCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2011

TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 18: Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke speaks to the media during the afternoon session of the 2010 NHL Research, Development and Orientation Camp at the Mastercard Center on August 18, 2010 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Matthew Manor/Getty Images)
Matthew Manor/Getty Images

Yes, you have read correctly. When it comes to trades, there are few GM's out there who are as bold as Brian Burke. He is definitely not shy when it comes to making trades.

The number of trades teams have made since September of 2009 is really quite astonishing.

Now, I was sitting at home reading my peers Leaf articles when I tried to recite how many trades the Leafs made in the last couple years. But I got so wrapped up into it, I literally pulled out some paper and a pen and wrote every team down.

I did some research on the trades from September '09 to the current date. As I went through them, I put a tally under a teams name whenever a trade was made.

My fellow readers and writers, let me tell you...I could not believe some of the numbers. It was quite remarkable.

Now, I know that for some teams, it may be like 98 percent accurate and not 100 percent because sometimes they don't even report on the minor league deals when it comes to small market teams. BUT not us Leaf fans, I tell you!

We know every trade that happens, big or small. We are like sharks swimming in water waiting for a trade as if it was a bloody piece of flesh.

Now without further ado allow me to share the busiest five teams!

No. 5

Atlanta Thrashers/ Winnipeg Jets with 18 trades

No. 4

Chicago Blackhawks edging slightly with 19 trades

No. 3

Toronto Maple Leafs with a four trade jump to 23 trades

No. 2

Florida Panthers with 25 trades!

And finally coming in at the top

No. 1

Anaheim Ducks with a whopping 28 trades!!

Honestly, I don't care who you are because if your a Leaf fan and you do not like Brian Burke, then you need to slap yourself a few times till it straitens you out.

Burkie' is everything us Leaf fans need in a general manager. He's got thick and I mean THICK skin, he does not let one or any reporter walk all over him like some GMs have done in the past. This man is not afraid to speak his mind. Hey, if you don't believe me go ask Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun. 

When our team needed to get rid of those multiple ridiculous contracts ex. Toskala and Jason Blake, Burke was there to pull it off. When our team needed a new captain but had no one to step up at the time, Burke brought in Dion.

This man has not quit and will not quit to make our hockey team a contender. I offer no timetable but only to say our time WILL come!

But lastly, we all know if the Leafs falter in the first 15 games, then the first thing to happen will be Mr. Ron Wilson kissing his behind goodbye. Wilson is a very good friend of Burke's, and it will be hard, but he will do it. I don't care what anyone thinks, firing a good friend is no easy task.

Now if everyone would be content with a GM who sits back and does nothing, then by all means keep on complaining about how Burke signed Connoly to a expensive but short** deal. Keep on saying that bringing in a genuine pure sniper in Phil Kessel was a huge mistake. Go ahead, just keep complaining!

Because most of us know if Burke goes then we won't have very much to write about or get excited about either. This team is finally coming to shape, and it looks awesome. I cannot wait till the first preseason game.

I know, I know. I kinda had a little rant there, but people need to understand that it's not everyday we get a GM that ain't afraid to lay it all on the line. Let's just enjoy it while we have it people.

If you think my assessment is incorrect then by all means let me hear it. I look forward to reading other peoples views and feelings!