Pittsburgh Penguins: Official Website Video Shows Dedicated Evgeni Malkin Rehab

Eron NoreContributor IIIJuly 24, 2011

Pittsburgh Penguins: Official Website Video Shows Dedicated Evgeni Malkin Rehab

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    As this offseason continues to drag along, it is not exactly easy to write compelling content. Frankly, at this time of year, nothing is happening.

    Well, actually that is only how it appears on the surface. NHL players across the globe are working diligently at their craft.

    While in the winter and spring months they may make it look easy, the reality is that today's athlete faces a grueling year-round challenge of physical endurance. That is not to say that we should feel sorry for any of them, but it is not exactly easy to find motivation day in and day out to put in the work required to be considered one of the top players in the world at your sport.

    One such player is the Penguins' Evgeni Malkin. Not only is he trying to regain his place among the top players in the world, but he is rehabbing a knee injury suffered this past NHL season against Buffalo.

    My opinion on Malkin has been made clear on more than one occasion this offseason. You can read more about why I think he the most important player this season or whether or not he is better off at center or wing.

    In fact, while you are at it, check out Bleacher Report’s own Mad Chad's latest article here. Part of it is about the importance of Malkin in this upcoming season.

    The Penguins official website always provides great content, especially in terms of behind the scenes videos. Recently, they put a series of three (so far) videos documenting Malkin’s workouts in his homeland of Russia.

    In these videos, you see someone that is motivated, a bit silly and not someone who gives up when the chips are down. In the next few slides, take a look at the videos if you have a few minutes.

    With only a few months left until hockey starts again, stories like this will become fewer. For now, all Pens fans can rejoice in the fact that Evgeni Malkin is taking his rehab seriously.

    I cannot wait for the puck to drop in Vancouver. Something tells me that Malkin agrees. These official videos are a treat to watch, and if you have not seen them yet, they are worth checking out.

Official NHL Video of Evgeni Malkin Workouts Part One

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    Penguins Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Kadar is in Russia to visit Malkin.

    In this video, we see "Geno" do different work in the gym. Then he takes it outside to do some stickhandling work in the rainy parking lot.

    Malkin works on his stickhandling by doing tricks that many of us tried while playing street or dek hockey. Very fun to watch.

Official NHL Video of Evgeni Malkin Workouts Part Two

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    In this video, we see Kadar arrive at the rink to meet a sleepy Malkin. He speaks in Russian, which the translation comically lists as "Malkin: ?????".

    There are some various on-ine shots, but the one of the most interest is his working with a large band to improve his "first step" as the website describes it.

    We also see him take some time with local youth to pose for pictures, and then he is outside throwing a bottle or some item at Kadar in a joking fashion.

Official NHL Video of Evgeni Malkin Workouts Part Three

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    In this video, Kadar states that it is "Geno's second workout of the day." He already completed a morning lifting session.

    Here, he is in the pool to swim with former Penguin and current Ottawa Senator Sergei Gonchar. The goal is to do 20 lengths, which Kadar says equates to a kilometer.

    We watch Malkin do a pretty mean breaststroke at the end of his 20 laps. He does it in such a fun fashion that you can tell it is half showing off for Kadar, half showing off for the camera.

    Hopefully, the Penguins continue to put more of these videos out. Watching the training it takes to be an NHL player is something that can never get boring and is already greatly appreciated.