Preseason College Football Rankings 2011: Ranking the Top 25 by Cheerleaders

Tom PerryCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2011

Preseason College Football Rankings 2011: Ranking the Top 25 by Cheerleaders

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    It's way too hot out right now to be wearing sweaters, but there's something about the way USC's Song Girls look with those three letters stretched across...sorry, back to reality.

    The role of cheerleaders has changed over the decades. Now they are more important roaming from tailgate to tailgate before the game, as well as attending spirit events for the home team.

    But if we ranked college football teams by their cheerleaders, it's possible a few teams that aren't regulars in the rankings might actually be perennial Top 25 programs.

    That's right, we're looking at you, UCLA.

    Keep reading to see where the Bruins rank in the Bleacher Report's Top 25 rankings according to cheerleaders.

25. Boise State

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    The Broncos may be stuck in Idaho, where it is cold about 10 months out of the year, so Boise State must be importing their cheerleaders from California.

    Who cares where their hometowns are. These pretty ladies are representing national title-contending Boise State.

24. Arizona

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    That "A" on her cheek could stand for many things.

    How about average? Nah.

    Maybe attentive? Not this time.

    Got it. Awesomely, attractive Arizona Wildcat.

23. South Florida

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    The state of Florida is well represented in the Top 25 and we get it started with the Bulls.

    South Florida is sort of an underdog since most fans around the nation don't get to see Skip Holtz's team play much.

    But the Tampa-St. Petersburg area has some top-notch talent when it comes to cheerleaders.

22. Clemson

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    Clemson women seem to be the epitome of Southern charm and beauty.

    Add in a pretty orange bow in your hair and you instantly become a Top 25 program.

21. Miami

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    It seems South Florida has everything.

    They have South Beach, LeBron James and all of those hotties on Miami's campus in Coral Gables.

    Of course, there's also the Florida Marlins.

20. LSU

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    There's just something about the cheerleaders in the SEC.

    It's easily the best football conference and without a doubt the best conference for cheerleaders.

    LSU is just one of many strong programs in the league.

19. Texas

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    Texas is used to the competition, having to look up to the Longhorns.

    Now their cheerleaders have the same advantage.

    Is it possible Matthew McConaughey took this photo?

18. Auburn

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    You thought Cam Newton was talented?

    Auburn's cheerleaders deliver a Heisman-type performance every game.

17. Tennessee

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    OK, now I can listen to Rocky Top for the 10,000th time.

    Sing it again, please.

16. Oklahoma

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    Look at her just oozing with confidence.

    Who wouldn't with the talent Bob Stoops has collected in Norman this year.

15. Ohio State

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    Buckeye Nation may be concerned about the future of the football program, but beautiful cheerleaders like this one will make them say, "Jim who?"

    It's also nice to see Woody Hayes himself has given her a kiss on the cheek from heaven (I'm just speculating here).

14. North Carolina

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    Throw a Carolina Blue uniform on a young coed and everything in the world just seems right.

    Maybe North Carolina's administration should send these ladies to talk about those pesky NCAA issues.

13. South Carolina

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    Even the cheerleaders at South Carolina understand if the Gamecocks are going to be serious contenders in the SEC, Stephen Garcia must be more consistent this fall.

    Cute and smart.

12. Mississippi

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    Who says tailgating in The Grove is the best part of game day at Ole Miss?

    We just found a new reason to go to watch Houston Nutt's team.

11. Kentucky

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    The ladies of Lexington get a ton more air time during basketball season, but they are Top 25 worthy even in football season.

10. Arkansas

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    Let's hear it, "Woo Pig Sooie!"

    You can't use the word pig next to a photo of this sweetie.

    Maybe she's singing "C'mon' N' Ride It (The Train)."

9. Oregon

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    Patriotic and pretty.

    It sounds a lot like a 1980s Molly Ringwald movie.

    Of course, the cheerleader in the middle looks like she knows Oregon isn't going to beat Auburn.

8. Florida

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    If you have ever spent a day on the University of Florida campus, you'll notice a lot of exceptionally pretty people.

    Then there's the cheerleaders.

    They make everyone else look Charlie Weis.

7. Georgia

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    This gives us an entirely new meaning for playing "Between the Hedges."

    Who's up for a game?

6. Alabama

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    It's easy to see why the top recruits keep flocking to Alabama each year.

    You didn't think it was for the culture in Tuscaloosa, right?

5. Louisville

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    Yes, Louisville you should be looking up.

    The future is bright with Charlie Strong leading the Cardinals.


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    This photo makes me want to go back to college.

    It even makes me forget that Rick Neuheisel coaches the Bruins and the football program has been abysmal for about a decade.

3. Florida State

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    Florida State has the FSU Cowgirls, which helped lead Jenn Sterger to stardom, but they aren't the official cheerleaders for the Seminoles.

    While the Cowgirls get a lot of TV time, the FSU cheerleaders also offer some nice college candy for the viewers at home and in the stands.

2. USC

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    This is just one of many of the beauties who support Lane Kiffin and Matt Barkley.

    The Song Girls all have those California looks and wonderful tans.

    According to their website, "For almost 40 years, the USC Song Girls have been considered as the 'Crown Jewel of USC Spirit.' "

    She certainly is a jewel.

    Did you know you could hire these ladies for your party?

1. Arizona State

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    So you thought the top-ranked team would come from the SEC or the state of Florida.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but the ladies from Arizona State will not let anyone down.

    Just look as they signal the Sun Devils' pitchfork with a Santa hat. Festive with an attitude. Does it get any better than that?

    Dennis Erickson believes ASU is ready for a breakthrough season, so these three are already saluting you coach.